Custom 12" John Wayne Cavalry Figure

Colonel Marlow
U.S. Cavalry
John Ford's Masterpiece

The Horse Soldiers

This is a 12inch figure (GI Joe size) was made to resemble the character Colonel Marlow, played by JOHN WAYNE in the movie masterpiece "The Horse Soldiers".

My dad was a big fan of the Duke and I fondly remember Sunday afetnoons we'd sit in the den and watch his movies. Rooster was Dad's all time favorite as well as mine but I choose Colonel Marlow as my first John Wayne custom because my Dad actually visited the film site which is right near to where I grew up. The Duke posed with Dad and a few others for a photo.

The resin head sculpt was made by Lonnie at Frontline and was painted by me with several layers of oil paints. A special mix was added to the eyes and mouth to give them an appearance of being moist. The custom painted head is mounted onto a fully articulated dragon body. (I choose a Dragon figure because of it's excellent articulation and slimmer body type -- John Wayne was a bit slimmer in this movie)

All what you see pictured is included--so I'll let the pictures do the talking for the most part.

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Made in 1959, another of John Fords masterpieces with a running time of 119mins.

This film is based on the true story of the Grierson raid when, union troops,

led by Colonel Marlow, played by John Wayne go deep into confederate territory

to cut off vital supply lines to Vicksburg by destroying Newton Station.

William Holden stars as the Union medical surgeon whose character

is completely different to that of John Wayne.

It is a great story of cavalry exploits during the civil war.

  • Equipment
  • Cavalry Officers Hat
  • Yellow Bandana
  • Dark Blue fireman's style shirt -- Please note the nice rank stripes on the shoulders
  • White Suspenders
  • Light Blue riding breetches with Cavalry Yellow Stripes
  • Black Riding boots with spurs
  • Officers Belt with sword and sheath
  • Leather Holster and cap pouch
  • Winchester
  • Dragon Figure with custom Hand Painted custom cast head Cast is included
  • John Wayne-American  "Guardian Of The West and American Hero

    This custom Cavalry figure is my personal salute to "The Duke", a gallant "protector" of the early frontier ,  who earned a permanent place in the hearts of all Americans.  This younger version of the DUKE is authentically dressed in a Calvary Officer's uniform..... a tribute to a man who embodied the essence of America as one of our most loved heroes. 


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    I will probably do several other John Wayne Custom figures but this is the ONLY one that I will offer with him dressed as a Cavalry Officer. You may never find another item like this.