Custom Luke Skywalker
12" Hasbro Body with custom painted Head

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This12inch figure (GI Joe Hasbro) was customized to resemble Luke Skywalker, the character that Mark Hamil played in early Star Wars episodes. The original figure was replaced with a shorter hasbro body better suited for Luke and now has much better articulation. The head was then repainted, sealed and mounted with an neck extender that was made from sculpty. I think you can see from the images below that the shorter figure is more reminsent of the charecter, Luke Skywalker. Any Star Wars fan would love this figure!

The Han Solo figure is displayed to show the height comparison between the two figures. Luke is wearing the gear he wore as a farmboy. The blue light saber is removable.

I detailed and weathered his boots to add some realism by using a wash of burnt umber and a bit of white with yellow ocher. I think he looks less cartoonish than the version that Hasbro released.



Equipment List

What you receive is the customized Luke Skywalker and the items he's wearing. The boots were weathered.