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Head Sculpts For Sale

(and other items)

All of the castings that I sell are made from some of the finest resin I have yet to find. Although I do not use pressure casting or a vacuum chamber, there are many other techniques that I've learned through years of practice and experimentation that I've incorporated into this process to create beautiful, bubble free castings. Each casting is also inspected for blemishes before they are passed along to you. I've set very high standards and believe that you will not be dissappointed with any of these items. Please read the notes on each item before emailing me to make an order. Prices vary--email me for prices and shipping costs. Some discounts may be available..

I do take PAYPAL.

NOTE: These are UNPAINTED CASTINGS IN RESIN. The painted images are shown only for comparison. Occasionally I paint heads but it's very time consuming and the cost to you would probably not be reasonable.

NOTE: the NECK POSTS are PREDRILLED FOR DRAGON BODIES UNLESS REQUESTED DIFFERENTLY or stated in the item description. The HAN SOLO sculpt is shown with both neck sizes.

I do not have these made in bulk and only as needed. Usually the turnaround is fast . Payment is appreciated before delivery.

Jango or Bobba Fett


Available with long or short neck. EXCELLENT casting. Some minor sanding may be needed to smooth out the lower part of the neck.

Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Eposide III, Revenge of the Sith.

Available with long or short neck. EXCELLENT casting. Some minor sanding may be needed to smooth out the lower part of the neck.

Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode III

Available with long or short neck. EXCELLENT casting.

Mark Hammil as a Young Luke Skywalker

EXCELLENT casting.

Sylvester Stallone as John T. Rambo in FIRST BLOOD

EXCELLENT casting.

Tom Cruise -- Top Gun, Mission Impossible, TAPS, A Few Good Men, War of the Worlds

Available with long or short neck. EXCELLENT casting.

Tom Hanks -- as Kevin Bacon?

Available with long or short neck. EXCELLENT casting. A terrific Captain Miller head (Saving Private Ryan) sculpt or Jim Lovell (Apollo 13)

Carrie Ann Moss -- Trinity -- The Matrix

Available with no neck post and should be used with a BBI female figure. Neck Post is not predrilled. EXCELLENT casting.

Angelina Jolie as TOMB RAIDER: Available with long or short neck. Fair casting. Some sanding will be needed to smooth out the lower part of the neck. She has no pony tail--a fake hair piece can be added easily. Purchase at a hair salon or at an accessory shop. This has been in high demand.

RECAST of AMY (dragon female figure)

EXCELLENT casting except that you can kind of see the seam in the back (in her hair) Neck post is predrilled to fit a female dragon body. GREAT head sculpt! Painted head is only shown for comparison. I think this gal even resembles a young Angeline Jole from the Movie "BONE COLLECTOR". All she would need is a police uniform.

Cavalry Stetson, Civil War, Western attire

EXCELLENT casting. Can be special ordered so that the brim on one side is tilted up more--the front emblem is a cross-sword. This can be sanded off for just a cowboy hat.

Jango or Bobba Fett Helmet

EXCELLENT casting. This is a recast of the Bobba Fett figure made by Medicom. The helmet cavity is hallowed out and will fit over the heads of most 12" figures. The antenna is not attatched or included but can be easily made with some inguenity.

Breast Plates and Gold Connector belts: EXCELLENT casting (belt connectors at the waist are present). This is a recast of the vintage Life Guards Curiass made by Palitoy for Actionman in the U.K. You can get these unpainted or painted with a light chrome spray paint. The belts are very nice reproductions of the original. The connectors are casted from the original vintage counterparts.

Harrison Ford as Han Solo -- Star Wars (A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi)

Available with long or short neck (pictured here). EXCELLENT casting. Some minor sanding may be needed to smooth out the lower part of the neck (if the longer neck is ordered). Great resemblance to Harrison Ford as a Han!

Carrier Fisher as Princess Leia

Available with long neck only and is specifically made to fit a female dragon body (I recommend Amy, Jennifer, or Heather). Some special work and this head could probably also fit a GI Jane figure but I'm not sure. This is an EXCELLENT casting with a few minor blemishes on her cheek and forehead. These are not very noticable and I can email you some bigger pictures if you would like to see them better.

Russell Crowe

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Telly Savalis

Michael Caine

The following heads and items were made with a new procedure I am using where I vacuum the rubber in the mold. This vastly decreases the amount of air bubbles in the rubber and so the resin castings are much higher in quality.

Keanu Reeves--The Martix

High Quality Resin Casting--the neck post is unmodified and comes as seen in the photograph

Carrie Anne-Moss--The Matrix

High Quality Resin Casting--the neck post is unmodified and comes as seen in the photograph

Rebel Endor Head Casting--unknown charecter

High Quality Resin Casting

Resin Casting--This resembles the SUITCASE AND UMBRELLA that Sean Connery, Professor Henry Jones, carried in the movie Indiana Jones--The Last Crusade. The casting is rough on the back part where the resin was poured into the mold. The handle and tip of the umbrella is anchored with a small post to strengthen the connection.

Other Featured Items:

SOLD Tom Hanks from Saving Private Ryan------Captain Miller. A shot of the box art and Tom Standing next to and inside the box. Another of Tom Hanks as Captain Miller. If you like this head sculpt I currently have some for sale.

NEW Nick Cage from THE ROCK
Nick and Sean, another of Sean.
More pics comming

SOLD added 10-2-05 CLint Eastwood as Dirty Harry in special Boxed set.. Purchased by a good friend from Canada :)

SOLD Here is a custom casted and hand painted head sculpt of Mel Gibson in the role of Col. Moore in We Were Soldiers. Since these photos were made, I did a few tuch ups on his face and although I did do a custom box for him, he was pictured here in a dragon box for this photo shoot. Here he is in the plastic holder

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