Custom Sean Connery
12" Dragon Body with custom painted Head Sculpt

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This is a 12inch figure (GI Joe sized) made to resemble the character that Sean Connery played in THE ROCK (1996). The resin head sculpt was made by Lonnie at Frontline. The quality of his casts are superior craftmanship. The surface is smooth and bubble free. The head was painted with several coats of oil paints and then sealed to protect the paint. The custom painted head is mounted onto a fully articulated Dragon body.

I'm a big fan of Sean Connery and have wanted to do this figure for a while. In the movie, He and Cage seemed mismatched at first, but then made good as a screen team attempting to take down a devious Ed Harris. From Jerry Bruckheimer and under the direction of Michael Bay, The Rock was quite an adventure. Sean played a charecter named John Patrick Mason.

The boots I think are made by Hot Toys and parts of his uniform is Hasbro issue. The head is one of the nicest versions of Sean I think I've seen--be sure to check out Lonnie's webstie at Frontline.



Equipment List

  • Black Assault Vest
  • Pistol and Holster
  • Black Coveralls
  • Black Leather Assault Boots with laces
  • Koch MPS SD3 Sub machine gun
  • Flash/Bang Grenades and Hip Pouch
  • Balaclava
  • Ballistic Helmet
  • Goggles