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Links to tips for customizing your GI Joe Figures

Other Customizers with some Helpful hints


Make Swords, Shields and other very cool items

Jaguar This place sells Dragon and sideshow...They also have some neat images of customized figures and sculpts.

Axes, Hatchets and more stuff

Making stuff from scratch: Swords, Blades and armour

Resin casting and making rtv rubber molds to cold cast your collectible figurines and miniature model sculptures.

Resin casting rtv mold making to make your collectible model sculptures and figurines.

ROB'S 1/6th SCALE CUSTOMIZING TIPS PAGE! Head swapping, paintingbarbed wire, making bricks

Alumilite Corporation | Casting Resin & Mold Making Material sep by step instructions on how to do a one part head mold and a two part mold

Smooth-on tutorial

Images of Uniforms and other Online References

Military Art--I'm not sure who has put this webpage up, and it was not especially easy to find--but it is a must see for any one who is interested in Historical, Military Uniforms. Currently, there are images from these timeperiods: Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Pike & Shot, Horse & Musket, Napoleonic, ACW--I plan on visiting this site often to see what is updated as it's under construction.

For those who are fans of Richard Sharpe played by Sean Bean, you will find many images of uniforms from that peroid.

Napoleonic Re-enactors web site has many links to various groups.

French Historical

First Empire Napeolon --The Imperial Guard

Thin Red Line The development of the uniform and equipment of the Victorian soldier in the last half of the 19th century. From Crimea to Boer War

Gallery of Napeolon Era Uniforms--lots of images of re-enactors wearing some nice reproduced uniforms!

3eme Cuirassiers Photo Gallery: Some beautiful photos of Napeolon era uniforms.

Some interesting re enactors of the Old WEST

Civil War Quaretermaster

Todd's Costumes: Some fine work here and an excellent source. Look to find some great images of Indiana Jones, Xena, and Gladiator.

More Customizers

Monkey Heads-I'm not really into Super Heros but now after seeing these jewels I'm rethinking that completly!

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Customizers, Craftsmen, Artisians

Mark Cole's--Custom Outfitworks--Mark is one of the best guys I've met in the hobby. He's not only one of the BEST CUSTOMIZERS I've the privilage to know, he's also a giving individual who has his heart in the hobby and is always there with a encouraging words and helpful tips. Visit his website--email him!

The Red Ranch--John Vandale runs this site with loads of custom 1/6 scale 12" figures of movie heroes & villians, vehicles, how-to, photo series and on it goes! I found his site in the early days of my customizing days and have returned often for inspiration. He's just posted some of my stuff over at his web site too! Thanks John!

The Toy Smith--Check out Steve's website if you're looking for fine leather craftmanship in 1:6 scale. His works includes authentic Pewter Casting and Blacksmithing small scale weapons that are all hand cast from LEAD FREE pewter. I've purchased several items from Steve and he's very good at what he does.

American Civil War Action Figures and Uniforms--What can I say to give Norm Lathrop's web site justice? His exhustive reasearch on hundreds of Civil War units is generously shared for all--as well as a vast display of his fantastic Civil War Custom Uniforms. Also see his newer sections with Early History uniforms and guest section with some of Kurt's great customs. From what I can see he updates often with new and exciting items. Oh, yeah, almost forgot--he's the "Crazy Zouave".

Ransome Chua's Frontline--An artist and a great guy. Ransome's site is pure inspiration.

FRANCIS TAVARES  BATTLEFIELDS Check out some of the WWII figures he's created.

Famous Figures--Very cool web site! The main feature of this site is an extensive gallery of 1:6-scale celebrity look-alike action figures

Lycia Customs--Very good customizer--Does some nice Lord of the Rings 12" figures.

Dan Chung Customs--WOW!

Circle Home Studio--I haven't ordered anything from these people before but I've seen their work and it's high quality.

Sixty Driver's 1:6--A fantastic website dedicated to 1/6th scale action figure Modeling--the best tutorial for painting headsculpts.

jimbobwan.com--Need anymore be said?

Sovereign Studio--I've purchased several of Shawn's custom works. He's one of the best customizers out there. Visit his website to find some very impressive works of art. My favorite, Indiana Jones, as well as Captain Jack Sparrow, batman and more can be viewed in the gallery. Shawn also has a fantastic set of 1:6 scale Matrix head scultps.

NewLine Miniatures--relatively new--makes some of the nicest (real) leather boots I've ever seen. I've purchased a few and will try to post some pics of them later.

Life-Forms--I'm not sure who runs this site but I like their work--some science fiction, WWII, and super hero stuff. What I like about his web site is that he offers many tips and how--tos.

Ron's Military Models and Custom Figures--Ron Hembling, a fellow customizer from the land down under has some neat stuff over on his site. Got to check it out!

In The Flesh: I found Theresa's website and have to mention it here. What I found are some very sexy custom stuff that is totally awsome and out there. If you are into fantasy styled art and female remodeling then take a look.

Cool Cat Customs: I got a neat female stormtrooper from this customizer. Checked out his website and found more Star Wars figures he's created.

DAWGESTYLE: Also known as Custom Dawg's. You have GOT to see some of Dawg's work. He truly has created of the best Maximus figures I've sever seen.

SGT. ROCK'S 1:6 Military Diorama Gallery: I saw some of Edward's custom stuff at the GI Joe Convention in Norfolk. Photographs do not do justice to the fine detail, autenticity and staging of his dioramas. Let me add that your eyes will POP out of your skull when you check out his motor pool! Simply great work!

History of U.S. Armies in Uniform--Kurt has put together a fantastic site that dipicts the history of Military Uniforms throughout time! A good friend and a great customizer!

Reasources for loose items (in no specific order)

Rio Rondo--This place doesn't really deal with 1:6 scale items but they sell some very useful items such as buckles and leather lace. Check them out if you're needing hardware! What they do specialize in are scaled down Saddle supplies and they are currently working on 1:6 scale items too! Shipping is fast and they are very friendly and easy to deal with.

Monkey Depot-Brady is a nice guy and he usually keeps a wide assortment of items I'm loooking for. He ships fast and trys to keep his webpage updated regularly.

Battle Rhino--Luis keeps a great site running with a wide range of loose items as well as boxed. Shipping is fast and reasonable and he offers gift certificates for each purchase to be used in fugure transactions

War-Toys--I like these people. They seem to be getting bigger than I can handle, though. Prices here are very good if not the best I've seen around. Shipping is fast. Not much sideshow loose pieces here.

OPSGEAR--One of the newer places I've run across with a LOT of loose 1:6 gear.

Toy Soldier Brigade 1:6 One Sixth Scale Military Action Figures & Gear--This is another terrific looking site that offers loose gear. Paul runs the site and what I really like the most with how he's set things up is all the loose gear is photographed and displayed with great detail.

Toy Anxiety--Dan runs a tight ship over at T.A. You can find almost any loose piece out there even some hard to find pieces. You'll find BBI, Dragon, GI Joe 3/4, McFarlane, Sideshow, Simpsons, Star Trek and Star Wars to name a few.

Red Planet Toys--You will find some nice head sculps here as well as loose pieces and custom items.

Online Dealers 1:6 Scale Action Figures

Brian's Toys-I like Brian's website and he offers a nice variety of Star Wars items.

BizRate Shipping--find and compare prices

Star Wars 12" figuers


Discussion boards


Real American Hero

OldJoesClub ·I'm a member of this disscussion board described: "This list is for those young and old that are interested in collecting vintage GI Joes, ACTIONman, and their various incarnations" I enjoy the members sense of humor and they are also a great group of friends with unlimited knowledge of many aspects of this hobby.

The Sixth Brigade- A very well run site with great Civil War, as well as Western custom figures posted--tips--and general discussion on the 1:6 scale hobby.

Onesixth Art Of War--You'll find a great amount of custom artwork here in the 1:6 scale.

Fantasy Net-Fantasy 1:6 scale Custom Figures. Some very different stuff here.

Sixth Squadraon-Home Page--I'm not sure if this really belongs in the customizers section or here. Check out his 1:6 scale figure section to find some nice custom figures.

The Bothan Spy--Bothawui Forum - I'm not sure what this site is all about yet--but there is a definate Star Wars them going on. All I know is I like what I see and have to check it out every now and then to see what's new.

 Images for References

Saddles and pictures of COWBOY images 19th Century Saddles and Tack Civilian & Military horse equipment for Civil War, Indian Wars & Victorian periods 

Mitchell ~ Sporran Maker--Custom Sporran examples

Civil War Maps and Drawings

Online sources to buy supplies

Dick Blick Art Supplies: A place where I purchase Smooth Cast Resin. Fast shipping.

Hobby Engineer: here is a place to order some good casting and mold making supplies. I have tried the 5 minutes putty and think it's a miracle in a jar. They take PAYPAL and ships fast

Micromart: Besides having most everything you'd need, these guys also sell Milliput, Alumilite products, 5 minutes putty--GREAT PRICES TOO! NO PAYPAL

The Compleat Sculptor, Inc.

Links to Links

Six of One


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