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This is what I sort of look like. This picture was taken at the Kansas City GI Joe Convention. We were checking out the Joe Depot's booth. Below is a picture of the men in my life.



Welcome to my web site. This is rather new to me so expect it to change often. Feel free to wander through--many of the links may not be working. I'm trying to update regularly. Please check back often.

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Please send your ideas, requests, complaints, and general ramblings to mplacour@bellsouth.net

 I guess if you're looking here you're wondering about who I am and why I'm into this hobby. So perhaps I can satisfy your curiosity.

FAQ:Do you take custom orders?

Generally I don't normally take custom orders but sometimes I do. I guess you have to catch me at a good time or when I don't have too many things going on. If your patient with me I can normally get to most requests. If you check out my Custom uniform index you can get an idea as to the time periods I like to focus on and what I'm able to do. Most of the time, the custom orders I do tend to be a bit more expensive than the subjects I choose to work on. Why? I guess because if It is one of my projects the inspiration comes from a more personal place than if it's a commissioned piece. Don't get me wrong, I will still give every project my fullest attention.

FAQ: How long have you been working on customizing?

About two years. It got to the point where I just couldn't afford all the things my vintage GI Joes needed so I had to try to make the missing parts.

FAQ: Where do you get your stuff?

That's a difficult question to answer--I got into customizing because I couldn't "FIND" some of the things I needed to complete my vintage GI Joe figure sets so I'd make what I could. not find. It was a scavenger hunt! But I eventually found places to get good leather, 1:6 scale buckles, paint, fabric, and so on, and so on, and so on. Things I couldn't make I tried to acquire loose pieces from those great online dealers (Monkey Depot, Battle Rhino, Ops Gear, Toy Anxiety, and check my links page for more.)

FAQ: Where can I buy your figures?

I'm always flattered anyone would want anything that I make--it's a great honor, for sure. I sell most of my figures on ebay or to friends who email me and ask for certain uniform sets. I'm considering selling through a few other web sites but I'm undecided. For now you can keep an eye on my ebay auctions or you can email me for a personal request.

FAQ: What do I collect and would I be interested in a trade?

I like pretty much what ever I like--sounds redundant, I know, but my collection is quite eclectic. Normally I prefer 12" but I do have some plastic soldiers and other figures. I have some Vintage Tommy Gunn, Takara, Action Man, GI Joe, Johnny West, MARX, and I also like the newer 40th Anniversary sets. I have some Dragon, Star Wars, and Star Trek stuff as well as some of the Classic and HOF GI Joes. I really LOVE the few MARMIT figures I've acquired! I don't buy everything but I tend to gravitate towards ceremonial uniforms, historical, or officer dress uniforms.

TRADE? I'm not very good with trades. I don't think I'm assertive to make a good deal. IMHO a good trade is where both parties are happy with what they got. But trades are not out of the question.

So, onto exactly who am I?

In 1959, I was born into a large Catholic Family. Being the first daughter after 4 boys, it was natural that I ran with the boys and played with their toys. Currently I'm a high school math teacher and sew in my part time. I have two high maintenance kids so I don't normally get to spend much time with the craft but the hobby does tend to destress me after a long week. Put teaching teenagers together with raising teenagers and you get GI JOE. Normally when I make a new outfit I display him in a focal point of my home (normally my bedside table). Anyone who would visit my home would have to think strange things about me because it's obvious I'm into action figures--actually, most people who come to my house for the first time they think it's cool. It seems that the more I learn about making things the more I realize what I "don't know".Eventually, I'd like to learn how to cast and make molds--I'd also like to learn how to work with metals and learn more about painting and weathering my figures. But you know--there are just so many hours to the day....

My favorite figures in my collection? I have no answer to that question! If I ever had to thin the collection out I would be hard pressed to let any of them go. I read something somewhere that is stuck in my gut, "keep everything, you never know when you'll need it. A button, a snap, ...."

Please feel free to email me, I love to hear from others in the hobby!

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