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Truth Evolutionism: Freedom Creates Universe
--Establishing Science of Pursuit

Truth Evolutionism--Establishing Perfect Society by Imitating Universe(A book in traditional Chinese has been published, ISBN is 988-98517-3-3, applying Truth Evolutionism in society, economy, education, about 20% difference from the above PDF file.)(12/4/2005)真理进化论全书下载

By replacing negative action with the corresponding pursued quantity, the Universe can be explained as a system pursuing happiness, profit or knowledge. So sciences about largest negative action pursuit, largest happiness pursuit, largest profit pursuit and largest knowledge pursuit can be unified into one: Science of Pursuit. Human beings can establish perfect society by imitating Universe, this is called "Universism".

Result of pursuit is system expansion, just like universe expansion, economic development and knowledge progress. If all possible systems can exist, the system expanding the fastest will be the largest after enough long time, and is called the Universe. From "Truth Evolutionism", freedom creates the world.

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Unify Truth--Physics Is Equivalent to Science of Perfect Pursuit

Basic Definitions

Part I: Theory about Perfect Pursuit

1 Quantum Electrodynamics: Best Pursuit in Single Market
(axiomatized Science of Perfect Pursuit; Universe Expansion is Dvelopment; Interaction Unification through Resource Equality; Relation between Black Hole and Active Galactic Nucleus)

Part II: Science of Pursuit

1 "Truth Evolutionism"--Freedom creates the Universe
2 Axioms about Methodology, Purpose and Advantage
3 More Properties about Advantage and Methodology
4 Imitation Method--Reproducing Universe in Society

Part III: How to Research the Best--Establishing Science of Research


1 17 Principles in Research
2 Research Methods--from beginener to Great

Part IV: Applications in Society and Economy

1 Equality and Inequality in perfect pursuit
2 Physics Guiding Economic Policy

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