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Still a Joelfucker

So, got in a big fight today. Started out with him waking up and yelling at me for God knows why.  While he was sleeping I find out he looks at Tranny porn. Great.  So I get in trouble for looking at guys in the mall, he gets to beat off daily to Tranny Porn.

Tells me he's super horny and jerks off at least three times a day. Great, I'm the one who gets in trouble for jerking off in the morning in the bathroom when I'm horny twice a month, but he gets to best off to Tranny Porn.  Not only that, if he's so horny why doesn't he just have sex with me?  I guess it's not staisfying unless their is a Tranny for him to look at?

So then, he says he's horny but believes in monogamous relationships. He says that even though what he's done in the past is the total oppisitte.  So how can he say that when he so easily fucked Joel up the ass and ate his cum? I got so angry I almost lost it. 

I really hate humanity, a lot. They say they believe in monogamous relationships but then go and have casual, bareback sex with their boss. I get so frustarted and confused some times.

Nothing really changed though. He's still a Joelfucker.

2008-08-25 08:02:21 GMT