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UBU comprises of youth and universities students from various areas in Kuala Lumpur. As a progressive, democratic and concerned youth and students group, we are very much involved in providing our energy, creativity, ideas and ideals in community based activities and programs with underprivileged and marginalised communities. 

We feel that a bridge between student sector and other oppressed sectors from society should be built to link and strengthen the various pro-democracy forces in our country. For a long time a vacuum has existed between the student sector and other sectors in society.  

At this point in time, there are not many programs and activities being implemented to bridge and link students other sectors in society. As such, it seems that student groups in our country are isolated from the rest of society. 

Filling in the Vacuum 

We feel that this situation should be addressed through committed initiative to fill in the social vacuum with various community-based programs and activities, which are dynamic and progressive.  

This vacuum needs to be filled before the gap between students and other sectors in society becomes bigger and bigger. The involvement of students in community based programs and other activities that are pro-people need to be implemented without any delay. 

Hence, initiatives and continuous commitment from the students must be implemented from now on through progressive educational programs and activities.  

We feel these programs and activities should be handled and organised by the students themselves as a means for them to be independent, critical and creative in organising themselves as well as in organising the people they work with. 

The Constraints 

However, the bureaucratic structure in all universities in Malaysia today has stifled the growth of students to be independent minded, creative, progressive and critical in looking at and being involved in issues that affect society.  

Student Affairs Division – Bahagian Hal Ehwal Pelajar (HEP) was formed to control and monitor student programs and activities. This means that programs and activities organised by students must get permission and approval from HEP before they can be implemented. 

All activities that are seen as undesirable in the eyes of HEP such as students putting up a firm stand on human rights violation in Malaysia or student involvement with democratic reform in Malaysia, are dealt with in a very undemocratic and severe manner. Either students involved are reprimanded, suspended or expelled; or their proposed programs and activities are rejected. 

The campuses climate and environment that are not conducive; the democratic space and opportunities for the student to be intellectually developed and expanded being stifled; and the enforcement of repressive laws of Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) preventing students from involving in pro-democracy activism; is definitely not a suitable element in order to produce students and youths that are committed, courageous, creative, critical and full of idealism.  

Why University of Bangsar Utama ? 

Since 1998, an area in Bangsar Utama has become a place for student activists from various campuses in Kuala Lumpur to hang out and discuss progressive theories, current affairs and issues as well as looking at how we can contribute and participate actively in democratic reform in our country.

From a mere discussion, it evolved into the implementation of our ideas and ideals when we finally decided to rent a space in Bangsar Utama on April 2000 as our base and operational center to plan and implement all our community based programs and activities.  

Choosing the name for our own little democratic place as University of Bangsar Utama is for re-socialising and re-educating ourselves as responsible students and youths for the benefit of society. 

Programs and Activities  

Our programs and activities are based on cultivating, nurturing and building the personality of students and youths to be confident and conscious, progressive and democratic, creative and courageous, critical and responsible. 

We feel that the best methodology to install such positive virtues is through education and training programs. Therefore, our programs and activities offered to the communities, youth and students are based on Education Programs. 

Our education programs are divided into 3 categories. First, education programs for the community in Bangsar Utama. Second, for the students in various university campuses in Kuala Lumpur and third for the public. 

Community of Bangsar Utama 

Our programs for the community include: 

 All the programs and activities offered are free of charge

University Students and Youth 

Our programs for University Students and Youth include: 


Our programs for the general public include: 


Our street theatre, agit-prop, music and songs include progressive element on human rights, democracy and social justice. 

Democratic Reform and Civil and Political Rights Movement 

UBU student activists are also involved in the struggle for democratic reform and civil and political right movement by participating in civil disobedience. SUARAM is one of the NGOs that UBU student activists have a working relationship with. 

Our student activists have been selected by SUARAM to join a Fact Finding Mission for Achenes Refugees in 1999 and as Observers in the Indonesian 1999 General Election organized by Asian Network For Free and Fair Elections (ANFREL). 

Last year, we also collaborated with SUARAM as a joint organiser for protest against Internal Security Act (ISA) in front of ISA Detention Centre in Kamunting.  

In November 1999, with assistance from ERA (Education Research Association) we had organised a Human Rights Training Camp for 5 days in Port Dickson with more than 60 students from various campuses in Malaysia join the programs.  

And in March 2001 together with SUARAM we organised a 2 day Human Rights Workshop on Police Power and Citizen Rights for university students and youths.  

Advancing the Relationship 

With this brief introduction of us as the University of Bangsar Utama Student Group, our programmes and activities as well as what we stand for, our ideas and ideals of contributing actively for the advancement of democratic reform and the building of a just society in our country; we hope that a further commitment and relationship can be explored, advanced and achieved between us. 


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ubu is a non-profit organization founded by a group of young people seeking for a better social structure in this beloved country
pertanyaan & kritik / inquiry & critics : universiti_bangsar@yahoo.com
ubu merupakan sebuah kumpulan anak muda yang ditubuhkan secara sukarela untuk melihat keadaan sosial yang lebih baik di negara ini