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'96 champion Rees (Super Nova) in round 8

Here is some information on the once thriving British Formula 3000/Formula 2 championship, and subsequent attempts to relaunch F3000 in the UK. If you have any contributions to this section please e-mail. See recent updates at bottom of page.

Pick from the following years:

British F3000: [1989] [1990] [1991]
British F2: [1992] [1993] [1994] [1995] [1996]
British F3000 (cancelled after 1 race): [1997]
UK3000 (cancelled at last minute): [1999]
F3000 Autumn Cup (cancelled mini series): [2000]
Earlier, sporadic British F2 series: [1957 - 1972]

(Years not highlighted in bold are still under construction)

Introduction and list of champions 1989 - 1996:

The British Formula 3000 series ran between 1989 and 1996. From 1992 it was known as British Formula 2, although the 1995 championship, planned as a one-make series for slightly modified Reynard 95D's, was cancelled as there was only one entry. Early grids of 15 to 20 cars eventually dwindled, leading to the series' demise at the end of 1996. There were seven champions between 1989 and 1996, three of them going on to F1 without any success: Gary Brabham, Pedro Chaves, Paul Warwick, Yvan Muller, Philippe Adams, Jose Luis di Palma and Gareth Rees. Paul Warwick, younger brother of F1 driver Derek, tragically lost his life in the series and was awarded the crown posthumously. Other drivers of varying quality including Damon Hill, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Alain Menu, Roland Ratzenberger, Richard Dean, Fredrik Ekblom, Perry McCarthy, Jason Watt, Paolo Carcasci and Rickard Rydell all competed in the series.

A resurrection was attempted in 1997, although high demand for the Lola T96/50s from International F3000 teams meant costs were high and support was minimal. The series was cancelled after the first race at Brands Hatch, a 3-car debacle. Another attempt to restart the series for 1999, as UK3000, failed. The Lola T96/50 was now redundant for the International series, so chassis were in plentiful supply. Initial support was excellent, drivers such as Marcelo Battistuzzi, Giorgio Vinella and Ananda Mikola signing for the series. Some International F3000 teams planned to enter cars, including Astromega, Coloni, Durango, Nordic and Redman Bright, while established teams in national junior championships decided to make the step up, including Redgrave Racing and Martello. Unfortunately many drivers pulled out to race in the over-subscribed International F3000, and teams were left without drivers and their all important sponsors.

The F3000 Italia championship instead became the sole feeder formula to the International series, and many teams and drivers switched their support there. To determine which teams could enter International F3000 in 2000, when entries would be limited to 15 teams, a system of promotion and relegation was introduced. The top team in F3000 Italia would therefore be guaranteed an entry. As a concession to UK3000's efforts, an F3000 Italia round was held at Donington Park. This became a regular event and continued despite F3000 Italia evolving into Euro 3000.

In February 2000 it was announced that a four-round mini series, the 'Autumn Cup', would be held after the end of the International F3000 season. The series was to be limited to ten of the International F3000 teams, all of which would have to field two of the current Lola B99/50 chassis. Brands Hatch (Grand Prix circuit), Brands Hatch (Indy circuit), Donington and Snetterton would have hosted rounds of the series. Tomas Scheckter was set to race for McLaren, while Patrick Friesacher was signed by Red Bull Junior ahead of his graduation to International F3000 in 2001. The Autumn Cup was promoted by Peter Briggs, the Edenbridge Racing boss behind the two previous attempts to get a British F3000 series under way. Unfortunately the series was cancelled when acceptable grids couldn't be guaranteed, this latest failure a major blow to the hopes of a national F3000 series ever being re-established in Britain.

British F3000/F2 champions 1989 - 1996:

Year Driver Team Car/Engine
1989 Gary Brabham (AUS) Bromley Motorsport Reynard 88D-Cosworth
1990 Pedro Chaves (P) Mansell Madgwick Reynard 90D-Cosworth
1991 Paul Warwick (GB) Mansell Madgwick Reynard 90D-Cosworth
1992 Yvan Muller (F) Omegaland Reynard 91D-Cosworth
1993 Philippe Adams (B) Madgwick Int'l / Argo Racing Reynard 91/92D-Cosworth
1994 Jose Luis di Palma (RA) AJS / Madgwick International Reynard 92D-Cosworth
1995 British F2 championship cancelled. All cars Reynard 95D-Cosw.
1996 Gareth Rees (GB) Super Nova Reynard 95D-Mugen
1997 British F3000 championship abandoned after 1 race. All cars Lola T96/50-Zytek
1999 UK3000 championship cancelled. All cars Lola T96/50-Zytek
2000 Autumn Cup mini-series cancelled. All cars Lola B99/50-Zytek
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