Italian F3000

F3000 Italia '99

The first generation of Italian F3000 was established by former F3000 team owner Pierluigi Corbari for the 1999 season. The series used the Lola T96/50 no longer used in the International series. Two drivers, Giorgio Vinella and Ricardo Sperafico, won the championship before it was replaced by Euro 3000 for 2001. An attempt to bring back a national series with Italian F2 failed in 2002 and 2003. F3000 Italia was reborn in 2005 with a series spearheaded by Coloni Motorsport, using the the final two generations of F3000 chassis, the Lola B2/50 and B99/50. It gave a number of ex-FIA F3000 teams the chance to continue racing in the formula. For 2006 it expands into the joint Euroseries 3000/Italian F3000 championships. In 2005 there was a rival championship run by Peroni Promotion, the 3000 Pro Series. Also based in Italy, the modest grid of 1999 Lolas mainly consisted of ex-Euro 3000 teams. A plan to replace it with a V6 Pro Series (for the ex-Formula Renault V6 Eurocup cars) came to nothing, with teams having to choose between Coloni's series and the new F3000 International Masters in 2006.

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