Welcome to Unreal City

for Unreal and UT
Jeff Martin


Download: dmiiunrealcity.zip 5.3 MB

Unreal City, aka "Gangs of Unreal" is an urban map based on West Side Story, Romeo + Juliet, a bit of "The Warriors" and the Chicago "L".

This is the final and definitive version of Unreal City, (Unreal City-F, “Final”)
See: Double ii Updates for more info on other final versions for J’s maps.
See: www.oocities.org/j4unreal or www.filefront.com/jsmaps for more info about all of J's maps

The original idea of this map was to make a city where characters from the game actually live, hang out and do their laundry when they’re not working on the game grid.

It also provides some of the last remaining clans with their own "hood", each having a club house, banner, tags and amusements.

This map features 10 clans

Old Farts
New Unreal
Yellow Sub
And our own clan [IP] International Protocollers

There are also several secrets, cookies and other surprises hidden in this map.

As a heart felt shout-out to all my fellow mappers, programmers and players,

Welcome home.

This map is divided into 3 sections.
Old town, which still has brick paved streets, New town, (one level higher), and Uptown, the highest section.

Doc's Pharmacy
This was the meeting place of the Jets. Contains health pickups, movie posters, and a phonograph.

Gun Shop
The Unreal City Firearms Company Inc. has at least one of every weapon in the game. They're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No ID or background check required. In fact, you don’t even need to be human to get a gun there.

Haz-Mat Launderette
This coin operated laundry mat specializes in removing blood stains, powder burns and toxic waste contamination. Someone left a vest in there.

The Projects
This government subsidized tenement was built to house the growing population of migrant Skaarj and Nali workers back in the 90's. It has since become a refuge for the homeless, crack dealers, prostitutes and gangs. It's considered the respectable part of town.

The Basketball court
The concrete park was a main feature in the movie. I thought it was important to make the chain link fence here actually move and sound like a real chain link fence.

Skaarj bar.
You have to be a Skaarj to get in. (Not kidding).

Nali Cafe.
Features an express bar for players who can't wait.
*Staff Only. You have to be an employee to enter. See below on how to be a Nali player-class.

Clan [IP] International Protocolers building
This building is slightly different from the others. Contains the Pinball machine and armor.

Clans KOR, MARS, TCP contain a poker or pool table.

HLK and SNK have slot machines

Yellow Sub has "Bunny Rabbit Stew"

Newbies Playground [DOG] has Alpo

New Unreal [NU] also has a club house

Clan Old Farts has the shuffle board game

Thanks for playing J's maps (c)2001-2010