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Atty. Erning Ladrido appealing to the alumni for support to the Bar Ops of the College of Law.
Attys. Sheila Villa and Nela Tan excitedly announcing the raffle winners during the Pre-Centennial Alumni Homecoming last August 30, 2003.
“Thank you, thank you. How I wish it’s Law Alumni Homecoming everyday,” says Fr. Bong Delariarte as he received the offering from Atty. Claro Aligaen.
“Hey, anymore winners at the back?” called Raffle Committee Chair, Atty. Sheila Villa.
Preparing her team for the “basketball game”, Dean Nafarrete questions the umpire on the “legality” of the size of the ball given to her.
Wow! Straight into the basket for the Red Team.
Attys. Sheila Villa, Althea Tugado, Nela Tan, Mae Laserna, Domingo Casiple, Judge Danny Amular and Atty. Claro Aligaen appear restless waiting for the declaration of the winner in the parlor game.
Mass at the USA Chapel before anything else.
More offerings from the alumni.
Prosecutor Ofelia Artuz taking her turn in the offering with Atty. Nela Tan not far behind.
The offerings from Prosecutor Thelma Jarobilla, Atty. Virgilio Sindico and Atty. Claro Aligaen being received with open arms by Fr. Bong.
“Bayang magiliw….Ang mamatay ng dahil sa ‘yo,” thus, sing the alumni.
Another alumna as lucky raffle winner.
Judge Danny Galvez, Attys. Rene and Fe Gayanilo, Judge Amalik Espinosa, Atty. Bob Catolico and Atty. Kune Panes are all ready with their smiles for the camera.
The only rose among the thorns---Prosecutor Thelma Jarobilla with Judge Merlin Deloria, Atty. Gelacio Lira and CHR Regional Director Dave Bermudo.
Attys. Remy Bayot, Orlanda Bigcas-Lumawag and company appear lost in their own dreams inside the chapel.
“Hmmm, how could we ever maintain our figures and lower the bad cholesterol with all these foods before us?”, chorused the alumni in white and gold t-shirts while queuing for the sumptuous meal.
“Hmmp! How I wish I were Fr. Bong so I can have all these gifts.” Atty. Nafarrete appears to be entertaining the idea to himself as he hands his offering.
Judges Merlin Deloria and Danny Amular seem not to agree who between them is older and wiser as Dave Bermudo braces himself to serve as the umpire while Erning Ladrido seals his lips, Ted Castro continues to sip his cup of coffee unmindful of the argument, and Mae Laserna and Nela Tan maintain smiles on their lips amused at the situation.
The young and not-so-young prefer to be by themselves.
PIA Director Atty. Janet Mesa and company proudly display their raffle prizes.
“Everybody, please form a line now so we can start with the offering of our gifts,” instructs Law Alumni Association President George Que.
Attys. Perpetuo Nafarrete III, Bethanie Sta. Maria Sy, Marlo Brasales, Amado Domingo, Jr., Suzie Delfin and Ariel Igoy, waiting for their names to be called as among the raffle winners.
Attys. Ma. Regina Luisa Saul, Rose Edith Togonon, Calixto Perez, Judge Deloria and Atty. Selwyn Saplada have all given up hope to win any raffle prize.
The alumni expressing their love and undying loyalty to the country.
“For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, now and forever.”
“When will this offering ever end?” Judges Diane Ladrido and Lolita Besana joining the long queue offerrors.
Tired but happy alumni waiting for the program to end.
“Sheil, are you sure you picked the right raffle number?” Nela Tan asks Sheila Villa as Janet Mesa claims her prize.
Prosecutors Mia Gentugaya and Thelma Jarobilla look happy with their prizes.
“Be sure you get the right object!” Dave Bermudo claps his hands as Althea Tugado hesitantly pulls the object between Dave’s legs while the other players in the parlor game appear excited.
Ms. Alma Lladoc, Atty. Evelyn Jiz, Fr. Bong, Judge Elena Opinion and Atty. Cora Tirol flashing the “pre-centennial” smiles.
The young alumni showing their force during the pre-centennial homecoming.
The only thorn, Atty. Claro Aligaen, posing coolly with the roses.
Hey, what’s keeping Prosecutor Glo Madero and Judge Diane Ladrido busy?
“Who has the ball?” Atty. Claro Aligaen asking from Atty. Sheila Villa as the other “basketball” team members look on.
“Hurry, we have to get the most crispy part of the lechon.” Atty. Althea Tugado and Atty. Cora Tirol (+) appear to be telling each other.
“Thank you very much. I’m sure my wife will be very glad that I won this prize.
It’s Judge Lolita Besana’s turn to offer her gift.
So many “thank you’s” from Fr. Bong for the gifts being offered to the Lord.
Atty. Nela Tan seriously hands over her offering.
Atty. Remia Fuentes, Nazelle Biliran, Judith Tonogbanua and Althea Tugado documenting their attendance in the pre-centennial homecoming.
Chris Montaño and Marilyn Salvilla sharing their views on the lasagna.
Prosecutor Irene Panigbatan concentrating in her meal as Atty. Rose Tormon, Prosecutors Thelma Jarobilla and Mia Gentugaya flash their enigmatic smiles.
“…….For the kingdom, the power and glory are yours….”
“… now and forever, Amen.”
“And forgive us our trespasses…”
“The first reading…” by reader, Atty. Rose Tormon.
Atty. Rose Tormon leading the singing of the National Anthem.
Atty. Mae G. Laserna, Judge Lolita Besana, Pros. Thelma Jarobilla, Pros. Mia Gentugaya, Judge Danny Amular, Dean Nafarrete, Atty. Orlanda Lumawag and Atty. Perpetuo Nafarrete III take turn in receiving the body and blood of Christ.
“Be careful ladies, be sure you get the right stick so you will win this game.”
Atty. Orlanda Bigcas-Lumawag in her red blouse with her gift wrapped also in red.
Atty. Teddy Castro handing over to Fr. Bong his offering.
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