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Those Sacrificed on the Altar of Liberty
September 11, 2001
"The Rescuers"
I pledge allegiance to the flag of
the United States of America,

and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.
Fire/EMS & Police Memorial
"Old Glory" and correct flag etiquette
Viet Nam Veterans POW/MIA tribute
The giant, once great towers, fractured, bleeding smoke into the sky
and innocents who trapped within can't see any reason why.
The rescue workers venture in, to save what lives they may
that fewer might be consumed by hate on the dark, sad September day.
They know the risks they face too well,
but they choose to walk into the face of hell
that they might rescue those who cry..... then, in collapse, our heroes died...

Even as the horrors seem too great another monument burns up in hate.
Fighter jets fill the DC sky- but their vigilance is too late-   the Pentagon is... gone.
We all turn to watch CNN, the same words again and again
The news repeats, the pictures speak to a silent public, numb with grief.

His wife kissed him goodbye, when he left home today
off to Logan Airport there to fly to business out in LA
She'll never touch his face again, his life is sold for naught
to satisfy the delusions of terrorists in this deadly insanity they've wrought.

God Bless America, as we hope and pray on this smoke and fire and death filled day...
God Bless those who risk their lives to save the innocent ones
trapped in the advancing wave of destruction and fire, terror and hate
and God please bless those who watch, and wait.

Protect those who work to save, and care for the thousands suffering there
God Bless us Americans, and be with us as proud we stand
prepared to defend our beloved land.
Poems Copyright 2001 BPS

Photos taken from Yahoo News
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