"First to Fight"
"Uncommon Valor was a Common Virtue"
"The Few, the Proud, the Marines"

Over the years, these and many similar phrases have been used to describe the United States Marine Corps. During its long and proud history in peace and war, the Marine Corps has developed many traditions of devotion to duty, self sacrifice, versatility, and dependability; traditions of loyalty to country and Corps; traditions of uniform and insignia that became recognized and respected throughout the world. In recent years, with the end of the Cold War, the American public's awareness of the vital roll the Corps has played as the spearhead force that has fought for and preserved the peace, and our freedom has diminished. To help reawaken this awareness, the United States Marine Corps Historical Company was established as a not-for-profit educational organization to assist the Corps in educating the American public about it's history, and present an accurate picture of the vital role the Marines have played in preserving and shaping our country. In preserving this history we hope to re-instill an understanding and pride of the Corps and its roll to today's generation, and in doing so help to restore pride in America and preserve our future.

Founded by Marine Corps veterans and historians, the USMCHC's mission goes beyond the presentation of statistics or museum displays of "artifacts", to highlight the most important commodity of the Corps, its people. We bring to the American public a definitive look at the Marine Corps throughout its history. By using live action interactive historical programming, often called "Living History", as one of our many educational techniques, we actively interface with the public on a one-to-one basis and let them feel as if they were meeting Marines of the past. Showing and teaching people not only how they fought, but how they lived, and what motivated them to make the sacrifices that have preserved our freedom. Most importantly we want to allow the public to get to know these Marines on a personal level in ways that they can relate to. To help them better understand that the men and women in the uniforms were, in reality, the same as people today, coming from all walks of life, with the same hopes, fears, and aspirations that make up each of us. What made them extraordinary was earning the title "United States Marine".

To meet these objectives, we apply the basic philosophy that "if you intend to do justice to the persons that you are emulating, then, in some small part, you must become them". To facilitate this our active members, most of whom are current active duty, reserve, or former Marines, maintain strenuous fitness and training standards like those of the Marines they are representing. Each "living history" member is required annually to pass a physical fitness test, and develop proficiency in subjects such as close order drill, customs and courtesies, weapons and marksmanship, and tactics of the period(s) they represent. This gives them a much better understanding and working knowledge of what it took for those Marines of the past to earn their uniform, and in turn our members are also in part "earning" that uniform themselves, and respect for what it stands for. Our members are trained not only to be Marines, but teachers and interpreters as well. Through live action programming, demonstrations, lectures, exhibits, and ceremonies our dedicated volunteers take you through a doorway into the Corps' past, and help you experience a little of what it. took to be a Marine. Whether you represent a Marine Corps veterans organization, historical or preservation group, museum or historical site, or even a part of the current Active or Reserve Marine Corps, we can assist you in presenting your story. Our people are always willing to go that 'extra step' that sets the Corps apart.

The United States Marine Corps Historical Company encompasses the entire history of the U.S. Marine Corps from 1775 through the Viet Nam era and beyond. We currently have interpretive detachments portraying the company of Marines that captured John Brown in Harpers Ferry heralding the coming of the American Civil War, the Marines in France during the First World War, and Two full platoons representing the Marine Corps during the World WarII era, and in the Korean War. Our ranks also include a special detachment of individuals that cover the history of the Corps through the ages for both ceremonies and educational programs. In addition to our living history interpretive personnel the Company has a contingent of "contemporary" interpreters and historians, many of whom are Marine veterans of WWII and Korea, who function in modem cloths assisting us as researchers, lecturers, tour guides, and announcers, often times literally "telling their own story" as part of our programs.

Our representations extend from the barracks to the battlefield, from the Marines with the Continental Navy to the Marines of Desert Storm. Our membership has had years of experience providing professional historical educational programming, portraying all periods of our nations' past. If you feel that we can be of service to you, or would like to know more about our organization, we encourage you to contact us.

Some of our patronage includes:

The National Park Service including Harpers Ferry National Park and National Capital Parks-Central, Washington D.C.
The United States Navy Memorial, Washington D.C.
Marine Corps Public Affairs, Headquarters, Marine Corps, Washington, D.C.
The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve (frequent programming), and The U.S. Naval Reserve 4th Marine Division, Headquarters Btn., Historical Detachment
The First Marine Division Association, 2nd Marine Division Association, and Fourth Marine Division Association
Project Liberty Ship, S.S. JOHN W. BROWN
The Marine Corps League, VFW, and American Legion
The Admiral Nimitz Museum, Texas
The U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting Service, 4th, 9th, and 12th Marine Corps Districts
The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation (ongoing programming)
The U.S. Marine Corps Heritage Center, Quantico, Va. (museum exhibit and programming development)
The U.S. S. NORTH CAROLINA Battleship Memorial, N.C. (frequent programming)
The Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons, Md. (ongoing programming, and museum development)
The U.S.S. CONSTELLATION, Baltimore, Md.
Marine Corps and Navy JROTC and ROTC, (providing programs, instructors, and training)
MGM Studios, (technical consultation, training, and assistance on Mr. John Woo's film "Windtalkers")

The USMCHC is a recipient of the Col. John H. Magruder Award for excellence in the presentation of Marine Corps history.