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Eagle, Globe & Anchor

You can show support for the USMCHC/USN HID
by creating a link to our Homepage on your website.

1. Right Click on the image of your choice below. Then select "Save Image As".
Place the image in a holding area on your hard disk (usually your Download or Temp directory).

USMCHC Button 1
USMCHC Button 1, Width "88" Height "31" Size 3KB

USMCHC Banner 1
USMCHC Banner 1, Width="468" Height="60" Size 44KB

USMCHC Banner 2
USMCHC Banner 2, Width "468" Height "60" Size 8KB

USMCHC Ad 1, Width "291" Height "199" Size 139KB

2. Decide where you would like to place the banner on your page.
From your browser select "View", then "Show Source."
Select the code for the banner you want to use,
then you can highlight the code,
then select Edit, Copy and then Edit, Paste into your page.

Insert the image filename in the quote marks after IMG SRC.
Copy the HEIGHT and WIDTH in quotes from the information under each picture.

That's It! Thanks for Participating! Semper Fi!

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