To Honor, Preserve, and Educate
Protecting Our Future by Preserving Our Past

From the Director

Thank you for expressing an interest in the United States Marine Corps Historical Company (USMCHC) and in the preservation of Marine Corps history. Our mission is simple:

"To present and preserve the history and spirit of the United States Marine Corps" -- Mission Statement of the USMCHC

However, the means with which we accomplish that mission is varied and involved. The USMCHC goes far beyond the presentation of statistics or displays of artifacts. We endeavor to highlight the most important component of the Corps - its people. Our members actively interface with the public, teaching the relevance of history and the importance of it's preservation. Most importantly, we allow the public to get to know those Marines of the past on a personal level in ways that they can relate to. We strive to help the public better understand that these men and women who wore the Marine uniform were, in reality, the same as people today, coming from all walks of life, with the same hopes, fears, and aspirations that make up each of us. We strive to show that what made these people extraordinary was earning the title "United States Marine", and what they accomplished has had a direct effect on how we all live today.

The USMCHC employs a wide variety of tools and techniques to tell the story of the Corps and its people. Lectures, interactive exhibits, demonstrations, ceremonies, and living history interpretive techniques are used to serve a wide diversity of both civilian and military audiences. There are a great number of ways for you to become involved. They range from interfacing with the public in modem clothing; to donning a historical Marine uniform in order to demonstrate and personalize the life and activities of a particular era; to working behind the scenes assisting in research, program development , and administration. We will be happy to find a suitable place for you within our ranks.

One of the most popular aspects of our operations is an educational technique commonly referred to as Living History. This entails members dressing in Marine uniforms of a particular time period and creating an environment that will give an audience a limited glimpse into the past. However, with many of our members combat veterans themselves, we know that there is no effective way to re-create the tragedy and horror of war. Such attempts for live audiences take away from the accurate depiction of history, and often make a mockery of what the original veterans endured and accomplished. To this end the USMCHC does not portray combat, or participate in mock battles. What we do attempt to create is an accurate representation of the conditions historical Marines lived under and how they prepared for combat. Because of the additional special skills and requirements necessary in applying this technique, as a new member you must first develop and demonstrate proficiency in presentation skills and historical knowledge as a contemporary interpreter before you will be allowed to audition for a living history role. Members qualifying to utilize these techniques must maintain the highest level of proficiency in historical knowledge, military skills, physical ability, and interpretive / educational adeptness. They must also be willing to accept the mission as first priority and the responsibility of maintaining high standards.

Whether you have military experience or not, your entry into the USMCHC demands the solid commitment of a professional. Our philosophy on wearing a Marine uniform, regardless of the time period, or contemporary clothing as a representative of the Corps is - to do justice to the persons that you are emulating, you must represent the best of what they were. To do any less is a disservice to them, yourself,' the Corps, and the Country we represent

Standards for the Historical Company may seem demanding. They are! We represent and are representatives of the U.S. Marine Corps, and are responsible to the public we strive to educate and to our Corps, which has served and continues to serve America. Semper Fidelis is more than a motto. It is a standard we live by.

I hope we have presented you with a challenge, and you will consider joining us. We will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Semper Fidelis;

Gy.Sgt. Thomas E. Williams

Director, USMCHC

N.M.C.LB. No. HC-030 03198                                                                                                                                                                      Revised 03/05

A not-for-profit educational organization ancillary to the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS, and MARINE CORPS Heritage Foundation

Office of the Director, 3807 Baker Valley Road, Frederick, MD. 21704 -- (301) 662-3141, e-mail


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