Radio Station UVB-76


4625.0 kHz

Radio center

# 143

Military unit

# 44684

Transmitter operator

1st Communications Hub of the General Staff of Army


Staff of the Moscow military district, Kosmodamyanskaya Str. 24, Moscow (Photo)

Station location

Lozhki, 56°04'58” N/37°05'22” E (56.08 N/37.08 E); 40 km N/W of Moscow

Emission mode

A3E (full crrier two sideband AM)

Transmitter type

Molniya-2M (PKM-15); Molniya-3 (PKM-20) (Photo); backup transmitter: Viaz-M2

Power (A3E)

Main Tx ≈10 kW, backup Tx ≈2.5 kW


Horizontal dipole VGDSh (Photo); h ≈ 20 m


07:50-07:00 UTC (Summer 06:50-06:00 UTC);

07:00-07:50 (Su 06:00-06:50 UTC) – maintenance of the main transmitter


Channel marker (Audio), voice messages (Audio), data (radio modem AT-3004D, 1440 bps) (Audio) Format of the voice messages: “UVB-76, UVB-76. 62691 Izafet 3693 8270” and similar


Transmission of orders to the military units and recruitment centers of the Moscow military district. Russian equivalent of the U. S. EAM's

Similar Russian military networks

5448.0 kHz (day), 3756.0 kHz (night) – North-Caucasus military district, Rostov/Don: channel marker “pip”, voice messages

4325.9//5465.9 kHz – Privolzhsko-Uralsky military district, Yekaterinburg: callsign “Plavets-41”, channel marker “R”, voice messages

5473.0 (day); 3828.0 (night) – Leningradsky military district, Saint Petersburg: callsign “Riabina”, channel marker “squeaky wheel”, voice messages


Photo – antenna field

Photo – transmitter building

Photo – Moscow military district headquarters

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