Characters, both PC's and NPC's, make the game what it is. Select from the list to the right which character you'd like to know more about.

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We have at least 20 members so far playing Havok!© regularly. Each of these players can play either an NPC (Non-Player Character) or an Active PC (Player Character). Complete with pictures associated with each character, players have provided a short Bio for their respective character.

If you would like your character and a breif Bio to be placed on the webpage: please contact the Webslave and include:

Race, and
A short, one paragraph deciption of your character.

Please keep in mind, all character Bios will have images as well, so try and have your bio detail more than what the character looks like.

Characters have been created using the Havok! rule book as well as the Second Edition rule book that is available in PDF format. To get ahold of the Second Edition, please contact the Administration regarding joining and being made available to the Yahoo Group for the game.

Rhotan ~ John Ryosouske ~ Miss Kitty ~ Valtiel ~ Ghorattoah ~ Gevauoan

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Player Characters

Name: Rohton Von Rutsburn
Player: Will Huver
Race: Lionid
Bio: Rohton is a river merchant by trade and at the age 13 along with his twin brother Lesly. After a year of sailing the rivers of Tadashi and upper Draco he ran into a more appealing trade; as a pirate or what he calls it picat because he is not a rat. The crew knew him as the Kitt because he was the youngest along with Les. The crew of the boat named “The Water Cat” was a fairly well know bunch of men along the river way. During the war the Boat was conscripted into the naval forces to Privateer enemy boats.
At the age of 24, he loses his twin Les and becomes heart broken and alone. Now he spends time with Katrine his friend for many years.

Name: John Ryosouske
Player: J.R. Francisco
Race: Human
Age: 20
Bio: A Kamaytayan, people of the Kabaong Province located on the Island of Bacunawa Buan. John’s father was a warrior of the Funeral Mask, thus as tradition dictated, John himself was raised to become a hunter of chaos. The early years of his life John learned the history and the way of the warrior. After many years of study, training, and discipline, John earned the right to wear the scared Funeral Mask, the symbol of the valiant warriors of his people. When the time came John donned his clan’s armour, wore his sacred mask, took up his katana, and left his island home to hunt down creatures of chaos and evil. It was part of the final trial within the Funeral Mask Hunters. John has since returned home from his adventures with the group.

Name: Miss Kitty
Player: Amber Chomokovski
Race: Lionid
Bio: Friend and companion of Rohton.

Name: Valtiel Blackmore
Player: J.R.
Race: Human
Bio: A man hailing from Bellerophon, whom perfers not to discuss his past with people. He claims no alliegence to anyone perfering to work as a mercenary. Although tactless and sometimes callous, Valtiel has been known to be a loyal long as he is paid. His face and much of his body is wrapped in bandages; bandages in which he is unable to remove. His perfered weapon is the war scythe.

Name:Ghorattoah Ishraekazem
Player: Willow
Race: Kyrnos
Bio: Ghorattoah: "A worm which lives in the feces of cattle and other livestock" Ishraekazem: "Worthless one" A Kyrnos originally parented by scholars, Zarogod the Wise and Riamma the Learned, Ghorattoah spent 35 years as a slave to a cruel merchant after the untimely and brutal slaughtering of her beloved parents. Recently released, she spends her time collecting bells and scraps of fabric, and chatting quietly with her reincarnated parents, who have taken the form of two shiny marbles. Ghorattoah's favourite joke, as told to her by her best Bellfriend, Jingles, who lives on the tie of her hat: What do you get when you cross a human and a troll? A hole..

Name: Gevauoan
Player: Dave A.R. King
Race: Troll
Bio: Roaming the lands of Draco for many long years, the nomadic Golgathians held nothing higher than Honor. Gevauoan was brought up the same, to one day become a member of the Golgathian Honor Guard. He never got the chance - Following the murder of his parents, the murders caused Gevauoan to be cast from the city. He training long and hard in the woods with a mysterious swordsman, one day word reached him that his villiage was in peril. Taking up his swords once again, and donning the emblazoned "G" of the Honor Guard, he raced back to his people, too late. The camp was ablaze, it's people slaughtered. Returning to his Master, Gevauoan was enraged to find his mentor already knew of it's destruction, and did before he sent the troll...
Gevauoan left his Master then, swearing vengance on those who dishonored his villiage, setting out to regain the Honor he was stripped of so many years ago... May the Gods have mercy on those who cross Gevauoan, for he will have none.

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