Lady Angel's Castle
A Man's home is his Castle. But it's the Woman who
has to clean the moat and feed the gargoyles.
Welcome to my castle.

We're currently remodelling all turrets, the bailey, the keep
and the courtyards. But you're welcome to use the garderobe.... And we've got a roof on the great hall now. And visit the nursery for a look at our newest addition.
Have a look at the first day of school.
Check out my family
or use this shortcut to just see the pictures.
And some current Pictures from LibertyLand Amusement park..
Let's go shopping:
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Let's visit friends:
Nicole has a site of kitties and recipes.

The Kitchen is open. Visit my Cookbook

Halloween 2000

Valentine Pictures 2001

First Day of School 2001

Fox 30 Kids's Expo

School pictures for 2001-2002

Easter 2002, the whole family

School Pictures 2004

Wedding pictures.

Glamour Shots of the littles.

We're a theater family. Check out our productions: The King & I

Enjoy the wit of Lady Angel at the
quote page

Indulge in your darkest imaginings in

Read my writings at The archive. It's mostly fanfiction, Buffy and Star Wars.

We were homeschoolers. Check out the Links page.

I love to crochet. Take a look.

Your Heart's Desire is on hiatus. But I still do custom embroidery. Take a look at some of my previous work.

If you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to want a glass of milk. If you give Lady Angel some black and white film, she's going to want to be gothic.

We get a kick out of Neopets. Click the Pet to learn more:
asparrow16 got their Neopet at

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