A Tribute in Honor of:
Valeriu Zodian
As he is remembered by most people, my father, Valeriu Zodian, was a very kind and gentle person. He never hesitated in helping even those who were hostile to him and he was able to feel the childlike joy of the moment like no one else I have ever met.  Professionally he used to be a very respected System Engineer working for Ontario Power Generation. He was also part of the St. Dumitru Church council.

On April 24, 2003, after a strenuous battle with lung cancer (diagnosed July 2002), he passed away peacefully, in his sleep, with his son and his wife by his side, under the care and supervision of the medical staff at the Humber River Finch Hospital. He was buried by R.S. Kane funeral home at the York Cemetery in a ceremony presented partly in Toronto Star, May 8, in a section contributed by Dee Gibney. The background on this page is the photo on the front page of the "Your Legacy" section (K).

Valeriu, Bucharest '91
He had a very strong sense of justice, and his life flew under the sign of sacrifice and goodwill. I remember him trying to be both mother and father when we lost my mother to an accident. I remember him trying hard to cook and take care of laundry even when the loss of my mother was still fresh in his mind.  I remember him working in his main job overtime and keeping 2-3 more part-time jobs both in Romania and in Canada.  I remember him succeeding in offering me a childhood with no material worries even while being a single dad. I remember him trying hard to help people he has hardly met.

But beyond the man most people have met, I remember him in the role I have best known him - as my father. I'll remember him enthusiastically watching Jackie Chan movies, or happily driving his brand new Toyota, or enjoying nature, especially the forest and the sea, where he always found his peace.  And I hope that now, high up above, he is with my mother...

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