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Jim Gilmore for U.S. Senate


Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore is running for the U.S. Senate and he needs the help of all Virginia gun owners.  Governor Gilmore is a current member of the NRA Board of Directors and has been an NRA Life Member for a number of years.  Jim Gilmore believes the right to keep and bear arms is entitled to the same protection as every other amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He believes gun ownership is based on the American tradition of personal responsibility and he is committed to protecting the rights of hunters, sportsmen and gun owners. As a U.S. Senator, Jim Gilmore will continue to forcefully oppose any new controls on gun ownership.


Most recently, Gilmore expressed his opposition to anti-gun Governor Tim Kaine's proposal to force private citizens to perform background checks when selling firearms from their personal collection at gun shows (the so-called “gun show loophole”).  Governor Jim Gilmore sent a letter to Speaker Bill Howell, at the Virginia House of Delegates.  In the letter, Gilmore said:

“There is no ‘loophole’ that applies to gun shows. Federal and state law applies to gun shows in exactly the same manner as anywhere else. The vast majority of sellers at gun shows are federally licensed dealers who are required under current law to perform instant background checks on their customers. The remainders are private sellers who are not required in any setting - gun show or otherwise - to submit to the same regulations that apply to licensed dealers.

“There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that bringing the heavy hand of gun control down on private sellers (who are usually collectors who buy, sell or trade a very small quantity of guns) will do anything to reduce violent crime. A 2001 study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) found that less than one percent of guns used in crimes have come from gun shows. Numerous other studies by the Department of Justice and academia have revealed similar findings.”

Jim Gilmore is running against multi-millionaire former Governor Mark R. Warner.  While Governor Warner did not veto any pro-gun legislation while he was in office, he is on record as supporting the Clinton gun ban (Washington Post, 10/9/96).  Also while running for Governor, Warner said he opposed the repeal of Virginia’s handgun rationing law (one gun-a-month) and said he would veto a bill to repeal it.  He also supported Fairfax County's attempts to ban guns in recreation centers saying “If this kind of legislation went through, I'd sign it,” but added “My sense is under the current General Assembly, you're not going to see this kind of law go through.” (Washington Post, July 21, 2001).


Virginia gun owners will need to make former Governor Warner answer the tough questions this year.  He will try and get away with saying “I support the Second Amendment” but in a year that may see either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama elected president and increased Democratic majorities in both houses of congress, gun owners need to know how Warner would vote if gun control bills like a renewed and/or expanded “assault weapons” ban comes up for a vote.


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