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Karl Freiherr Czapp von Birkenstetten
At the start of the World War, GM Karl Czapp von Birkenstetten was responsible for the 106. Landsturm Infantry Division.  He led this force for more than a month before turning it over to GM Artur von Richard-Rostoczil.  In February 1915, GM took over control of the 46. Landwehr Infantry Division from GM Adam Bradner Edler von Wolfzahn.  Czapp remained in this command for seven months, until he was replaced by GM Otto Gössmann in September.   Skipping to early 1918, Czapp was appointed by Kaiser Karl to fill the vacant position of k.k. Landesverteidigungsminister.  This was the National Defense Organisation for Austria.  Czapp replaced General Friedrich von Georgi who had retired at this time.

GWS, 7/01

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Orders of Battle:  Polish Front, August 1914
Army Group Gen. d. Kav. Rittmeister Kummer von Falkenfeld
   CVI. k. Öst. Landsturm inf. div., Genmj. Czapp

Orders of Battle:  Eastern Front, May 1915
Immediately preceding the Dunajec offensive
I. Armee, Gen. d. Kav.
Viktor Dankl
I. Korps, Gen. d. Kav.
Karl Frh. v. Kirchbach
46. Schützen div.,   Genmj. v. Czapp
             91. Schützen brig.,  Genmj. v. Urbanski
             46. field art. brig., Oberst Exner

Orders of Battle:  Volhynian Front, September 1915
I. Armee, Feldz. Puhallo von Brlog
I. Korps, Gen. d. Kav., Feldmlt.
J. von Kirchbach
  XLVI. Schützen div., Genmj. von Czapp