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Johann Fernengel
Johann Fernengel appeared on majour orders of battle in 1915, when he was in command of the 56. infantry brigade on the Eastern Front.  However, following the declaration of war by Italy on 15 May 1915, Fernengel was removed from this front and sent to Italy to help defend the Alpine passes.  His new brigade was formed on 19 May and in place on 24 May, just as the Italians were moving against Austrian positions.  He remained a fixture in the Carnic Alps for the next three years.

GWS, 3/05
Orders of Battle: Eastern Front, 1 May 1915
Immediately preceding the Dunajec offensive
III. Armee, GdI Svetozar v. Boroevic
    III. Korps, FML
Ritt. v. Krautwald
       28. inf. div., GM Edl. v. Hinke
              55. inf. brig., GM v. Haunstein
              56. inf. brig., GM Fernengel
              28. field art. brig., GM Elmar

Orders of Battle: Italian Front, 24 May 1915

Immediately following Italy’s declaration of war
Army Group Rohr, GdK Franz Rohr
            92. inf. div., FML Karl Edl. v. Langer
                   183. inf. brig., GM Gössmann
                   184. inf. brig., GM Jaschke
            Sperren Malborgeth, Raibl - Predil, Flitsch
           57. hus. brig., GM Lanzinger
           59. mtn. brig., GM Fernengel

Orders of Battle: Italian Front, mid-October 1915
Immediately following the Second Isonzo Offensive
Army Group Rohr, GdK Rohr (in Kärnten)
      I. wing, 48. Inf. div., FML Gabriel
      II. wing, 94. inf. div., FML Kuczera
      III. wing, 92. inf. div., FML Fernengel
      IV. wing, 44. Schützen div., GM Nemeczek

Orders of Battle: Italian Front, March 1916
Immediately preceding the Tirol Offensive
X. Armee, GdK Rohr
      I. det., 94. inf. div., FML Kuczera
      II. det., Globocnik Group, GM Globocnik
      III. det., 92. inf. div., GM Fernengel
      IV. det., 44. Schützen div., FML Nemeczek
      V. det., XV. Korps, GdI
Stöger-Steiner v. Steinstätten

Orders of Battle: Italian Front, November 1917

Immediately following the Caporetto Offensive
Boroevic Armee Group, GO v. Boroevic
II. Isonzo Armee, GdI
v. Henriquez
    IV. Korps, GdK
Fürst v. Schönburg-Hartenstein
         43. Schützen div., FML Fernengel
         20. Honved inf. div., GM
v. Lukachich