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Anton Haus
Admiral Anton Haus was born at Tolmein on 13 June 1851.  He entered the Navy in 1869. As a teacher of the Naval Academy in Fiume, he released a famous book titled "Oceanography and Maritime Meteorology."  In 1900, Haus commanded a corvette to Asia, and led the marines in their invasion of China along with the other Great Powers during the Boxer Rebellion.  He remained in Peking until 1902.  Haus was promoted to vice-admiral in 1907.  From May to October in that year, he took part in the second peace-conference in the Hague as delegate of Austria-Hungary. 

From 1912, Haus was inspector of the fleet, and he answered to the Inspector of the Navy, the
Archduke Karl Stefan. Following Admiral Monteccucoli's resignation on 22 February 1913, Kaiser Franz Josef appointed him to be the chief of the naval group in the Ministry of War, and also the commander of the fleet.  He remained in this position during the World War. Anton Haus was elevated to the rank of Gross Admiral in 1916.

Haus died on 2 August 1917 at Pola.  Following his death, Karl Kailer von Kagenfels was appointed acting commander of the main Battle Fleet at Pola, and Kailer was soon succeeded by the Admiral of the First Battleship Squadron,
Maximilian Njegovan. Haus' corpse was transferred to Vienna in 1925.

GWS, 6/02
Ships of the K.u.K. Kriegsmachtflotte
Dreadnoughts steaming out of the Cattaro Bocche, 1915
The Warrior Queen of the Adriatic, Battleship SMS Viribus Unitis
Battle Cruiser SMS Zrinyi weighing anchor in Pola
Starboard view of SMS Kaiserin Elisabeth
Cruiser SMS Sankt Georg under full steam south of Lissa, 1916