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Vladimir Laxa
Vladimir Laxa was born at Sissek in Croatia-Slavonia on 21 January 1870. He began his military career when he was commissioned on the 18 August 1890 as a Leutnant in Infantry Regiment 53.  He was an Oberst in the K.u.K. Armee during WWI , Laxa received the Order of Maria Theresa for his leadership of the 18th Mountain Brigade on Monte San Gabriele during the XI. Battle of the Isonzo (August-September 1917).  He was then transferred to Sofia as a military attache to Bulgaria, reporting directly to the Army HQ.  In August 1918, Laxa was transferred to Belgrade until the end of the war. 

Following WWI, he joined the Jugoslavian Army.  During WWII, Laxa became the second-in-command of the Croatian Army following Croatia's independence in April, 1941.  He was appointed the active commander of all ground forces in June.  By October, 1941 he was transferred to Army HQ until August, 1942.  Laxa resigned because of the excesses committed by the Ustashe, especially the viciousness of the persecution of Serbs.  In summer 1945, he was stopped by the British at Bleiburg, Austria, along with thousands of other Croatians fleeing the Communists. 

General Vladimir Laxa was executed by the communist Jugoslavians in 1946.

GWS, 7/01 [rev. 12/02]
Orders of Battle:  Tirol Front, May 1916
Immediately preceding the offensive against Italy
Army Group Archduke Eugen, GO Archduke Eugen
Chief of Staff, Feldmlt.
Alfred Krauss
XI. Army, GO
Viktor Dankl
   III. Korps, Feldmlt.
Ritter v. Krautwald
       6. Inf. Div., Feldmlt.
Fst. v. Schönburg-Hartenstein
       22. Schützen Div., Genmj. Edler v. Kochanowski
          43. Schützen Brig., Obst. Ritter v. Ellison
          18. Inf. Brig., Obst. Laxa
          22. F.A. Brig., Obst. Nobile di Giorgi
          5. Kompanie