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Hugo Martiny
von Malastów
Hugo Martiny von Malastów was born on 13 February 1860 in Krainburg, Carniola.  FML Hugo Martiny ascended to command the 14. Infantry Division in february 1915, taking over form GM Rudolf Ritter von Willerding.  Martiny then took over control of the X. Corps from the ailing GdI Hugo Meixner von Zweienstamm in April 1915.  His replacement in the 14. Infantry Division was FML Maximilian Csicserics von Bacsany.

Martiny kept his command until June 1916, when he was replaced by FML Friedrich Csanady von Bekes.  GdI Martiny was given command over the XIV. (Edelweiss) Corps in August 1917 on GdK
Alois Fürst von Schönburg-Hartenstein's behalf.  He was to lead this force until January, when he was succeeded by GdI Ignaz Verdross Edler von Drossberg. Then, Martiny replaced FML Josef Ritter Krautwald von Annau as commander of the III. Corps in January 1918, and he retained this position until wars' end. 

The following timeline summarizes his military career:

Nov 1902 Promoted to Oberst
Oct 1904 Commands Infantry Regiment 48 until Dec 1908
Dec 1908 Commands 62. Infantry Brigade until Sep 1912
May 1909 Promoted to Generalmajor
  Sep 1912 Commands 14. Infantry Division until Dec 1912
Nov 1912 Promoted to Feldmarschalleutnant
Feb 1915 Commands 14. Infantry Division until Apr 1915
Apr 1915 Commands X. Corps (replaces Hugo von Meixner) until Jun 1916
  Nov 1915 Promoted to General der Infanterie
Aug 1916 Military Commander for Graz until Jun 1917
Jun 1917 IG of Military Educational and Training Establishments until Aug 1917
Aug 1917 Commands XIV. Corps until Jan 1918
Jan 1918 Commands III. Corps until Nov 1918
May 1918 Promoted to Generaloberst

Hugo Martiny von Malastów died on 30 November 1940 in Graz.

GWS, 3/02
Orders of Battle:  Polish Front, End of Summer 1914
Immediately preceding the invasion of Poland
I. Armee,
Gen. d. Kav. Viktor Dankl
V. Korps, Feldzeugmeister
Puhallo von Brlog
  XIV. inf. div., Feldmlt. Martiny

Orders of Battle:  Polish Front, January 1915

Immediately following the Battle of Limanowa
I. Armee,
Gen. d. Kav. Dankl
Martiny Group, Feldmlt. Martiny
  XIV. inf. div., Genmj. von Willerding
  CVI. k. Öst. Landsturm inf. div., Feldmlt. Kletter
  XCI. Schützen brigade, Genmj. Urbanski von Ostrymiecz
  II. kav. div., Feldmlt.
von Ziegler

Orders of Battle:  Eastern Front, May 1915

Immediately preceding the Dunajec offensive
III. Armee, Gen. d. Inf.
von Boroevic
X. Korps, Feldmlt. Martiny
   Chief of Staff, Oberst v. Kralowetz
       2. inf. div., Feldmlt. Liposcak
            3. inf. brig., Oberst Barwik
            4. inf. brig., Oberst Phleps
            2. field art. brig., Oberst Polak
       21. Schützen div.,   Genmj. Podhaysky
                   41. Schützen brig.,  Genmj. Keki
                   42. Schützen brig.,  Oberst Hansmann
                   21. field art. brig., Oberst Vollgruber
       24. inf. div., Genmj.
Schneider, Edl. v. Manns-Au
                47. inf. brig., Genmj. v. Unschuld
                48. inf. brig., Oberst Korzer
                24. field art. brig., Oberst Grandowsky
       45. Schützen div., Genmj. Nemeczek
                   89. Schützen brig.,  Oberst Gasienski
                   90. Schützen brig.,  Oberst Tuma
                   45. field art. brig., Oberst v. Rosenzweig

Orders of Battle:  Volhynian Front, September 1915
Immediately following the summer campaign against Russia
IV. Armee,
Gen. d. Inf. Erzherzog Josef Ferdinand
X. Korps, Feldmlt. Martiny
  XXIV. inf. div., Genmj. Urbarz
  LXII. inf. div., Genmj. Tunk

The steady advance of the IV. Army and the Army of the Bug had not been without its hang-ups throughout the summer of 1915, but the commanding General of the Russian VIII. Army, Alexei Brussilov, had about enough when summer began to fade into autumn.  He prepared a big counter-offensive to win back some lost territory and at least establish pre-war boundaries to shore up the morale of his weakening troop.  So, he ordered his XXX. And XXXI. Corps to attack Martiny's bulging salient at Ugliszcze, about 30 km east of Lutsk, on the evening of 15 September 1915.  The result was a swift retreat by Martiny after an hours' bombardment, and most of the X. Corps was able to extricate itself through a bottleneck on the Putilowka brook, and a new defensive line was set about six km behind the original front.  While Martiny was ordering a new line, the XIV. Corps was also being shoved out of the salient and further west. 

The next day, 16 September, revealed a new thrust by the Russians against Martiny's defensive trench.  Problem was, while the previous line had a good defense along brooks and rivers such as the Putilowka, Kormin, and Styr, the new line adopted by Martiny and his fellow commanders ran the length of the northern Rowno road; a dirt path made for little barrier, and a third push by the Russians on 17 September caused widespread retreats without hope of building a new barrier.  The entire IV. Army and Szurmay's Corps moved in reverse more than 30 km, and the XIV. Corps was set to guard Lutsk against the Russian VIII. Army on 18 September.  Martiny was building a new defensive line north of Lutsk, along the Styr river.  Thus, Brussilov proved himself a  more than capable commander in three night attacks, and the Austrians had to realize their enemy was still strong even after a grueling 300 km retreat from Poland and Galicia.

GWS, 9/03

Orders of Battle:  Volhynian Front, June 1916

Immediately preceding the Brussilov Offensive
IV. Armee, Generaloberst
Erzherzog Josef Ferdinand
X. Korps, Gen. d. Inf. Martiny
  II. inf. div., Feldmlt. von Sellner
  XXXVII. Honved inf. div., Genmj. Tabadji

Orders of Battle:  Tirol Front, November 1917

Immediately preceding the Caporetto Offensive
Conrad Group, Feldmarschal
Conrad von Hötzendorf
LVI. Schützen div., Feldmlt. Kroupa
Edelweiss, XIV. Korps,  Gen. d. Inf. von Martiny
  Kaiserjäger, VIII. inf. div., Feldmlt.
Verdross von Drossberg

Orders of Battle:  Tirol Front, June 1918

Immediately preceding the Piave Offensive
Army Group Conrad, Feldmarschal
Conrad von Hötzendorf
XI. Armee, Generaloberst
III. Korps, Generaloberst Martiny von Malastow
  VI. kav. div., Feldmlt. von Braganca
  VI. inf. div., Genmj. von Schilhawsky
  LII. inf. div., Genmj.
  XXVIII. inf. div., Feldmlt. von Kraself

Orders of Battle:  Tirol Front, October 1918

Immediately preceding the Battle of Vittorio Veneto
Army Group Erzherzog Josef, Generaloberst
Erzherzog Josef
XI. Armee, Generaloberst
III. Korps, Generaloberst Martiny von Malastow
  VI. kav. div., Feldmlt. von Braganca
  VI. inf. div., Genmj. von Schilhawsky
  LII. inf. div., Genmj.