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Otto Meixner von Zweienstamm
Otto Meixner von Zweienstamm was born on 1 February 1858, in Lobzow bei Krakow.  J.H. Verdun's timeline recounts his military career:

1878 graduated from Maria Theresa Academy, lieutenant in 55 Inf Regiment
1881-1883 instructor at Maria Theresa Academy
1883 oberleutnant of staff of XXXIV. Inf Div
1886 captain
1898 colonel of XXXV. Inf Regiment
1899 commander XIII. Inf Regiment
1904 Cdr XLI. Landwehr Brigade
1907 Major General
1908 Feldmarschalleutnant
1911 Commander 4 Inf Div
1912 Cdr VII.Corps and Temesvar Military District
1913 General der Infanterie
1914 Cdr VII. Corps on Vojvodina Front, early August
1914 Cdr X. Corps on Polish Front, mid-August
1919 retired

FML Otto Meixner von Zweienstamm was given leadership over the VII. Corps in July 1912, replacing FZM Anton Seefranz.  He maintained this command until September 1914, when he was succeeded by FML
Andreas Fail-Griessler. In 1926, Otto Meixner became president of the Vereinigung Alt-Neustadt, a knightly organisation for graduates of the Wiener-Neustadt Military Academy.  He held this position until 1937.  Thereafter, Meixner maintained the role of honourary president of this society until his death.  Otto Meixner von Zweienstamm died on 10 October 1946 in Mondsee, Oberösterreich. 

GWS, 7/01
Orders of Battle:  Vojvodina Front, August 1914
II. Armee, Gen. d. Kav. Eduard Böhm-Ermolli
   VII. Korps, Gen. d. Inf. Meixner von Zweienstamm
       XVII. inf. div., Feldmlt.
von Henriquez
       XXXIV. inf. div., Feldmlt.

At the start of the war, Meixner's Corps was part of Section B dedicated to the invasion of Serbia.  But as the theatre of war shifted toward Russia, the proposed invasion of Serbia by the VII. Corps never materialised.  Meixner was left on guard duty at the Save and Danube River junction for the first two critical weeks of August. The collapse of the Right Flank in Galicia caused the whole II. army to be transferred there from the Vojvodina.  This took another critical two weeks.  By the time Meixner's Corps was assembled in Galicia, the whole front was in retreat, and no victories could be scored against the Russian enemy.  On 10 October 1914, Otto Meixner was replaced by Andreas von Fail-Griessler as commander of the VII. Corps.  He belonged to a sweep of commanders who were replaced simultaneously.

GWS, 10/01