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Guido Novak
von Arienti
Guido Novak von Arienti was born in Milan on 21 January 1859.  From 1910 until March 1914, Novak was part of the I. Tirol Kaiserjaeger Regiment in Innsbruck.  He was elevated to the nobility, took the surname"von Arienti" and took command  of the I. Mountain Brigade on 18 April 1914.  He became a Major General on 1 August 1914.  Novak started the war in command of the 1. mountain brigade, part of the 18. infantry division (Mostar) in the XVI. Corps of General Wenzel von Wurm. The Corps was part General Oskar Potiorek's VI. Army stationed in eastern Bosnia, along the Drina river. 

Novak led his brigade into battle in Western Serbia but was severely wounded in the  head.  Following a period in the hospital, Novak resumed command on 25 January 1915 (in the meantime being commanded by Oberst Geza Lukachich) and was dispatched to meet the Italian invasion along the Isonzo in May 1915. His command was now subordinated to the 58th Inf. Div. of Generalmajor Eduard Böltz (formerly chief of staff to Potiorek). Novak was wounded again in August 1915.  

GM Novak was given command of the 50 Inf. Div. and then he was placed in command of the 62. Inf. Div. in February 1916, succeeding FML Franz Kalser Edler von Maasfeld.  Novak retained this command for a decent period of nearly a year and a half.  Then in June 1917,  Novak surrendered the division to GM Adolf Brunswik de Korompa, and for a short period thereafter he led the XVII. Corps.   For the successful defence of the heights surrounding the town of Plava near the Isonzo, Novak was awarded the Military Order of Maria Theresa on 17 August 1917.  He also assumed the title "Freiherr"   Novak was promoted to Feldmarschalleutnant on 22 August 1917.  Thereafter,  he was sent to the Military Academy in Wiener-Neustadt until war's end.  Novak retired following the armistice. 

Guido Freiherr Novak von Arienti died in Vienna on 15 August 1928.

GWS, 11/01
Orders of Battle:  Serbian Front, Mid-September 1914
Immediately following the Second invasion of Serbia
Southern Front, FZM
Oskar Potiorek, Commander
6. Armee, General Potiorek
       XVI. Korps, FZM
Wenzel v. Wurm
            18. inf. div., FML
Ignaz Trollmann
                   1. geb. brig., GM Guido v. Novak
                   13. geb. brig., Obst Anton Graf v. Berchtold
                   2. geb. brig., GM Theodor Gabriel
                   109. Landstürm inf. brig., GM Johann Czeisberger

Orders of Battle:  Italian Front, May 1915
Immediately following Italy’s declaration of war against the Empire
Southwestern Front, Generaloberst
Erzherzog Eugen
V. Army, Gen. d. Inf.
Svetozar v. Boroevic
   XVI. Korps, Feldzeugsmeister
Wenzel v. Wurm
       18. inf. div., Genmj. Böltz
                   1. mtn. brig., Genmj. Novak v. Arienti
                   13. mtn. brig., Genmj. Gf. Berchtold
                   18. field art. brig., Oberst Secullic

Orders of Battle:  Isonzo Front, October 1915

V. Armee, Gen. d. Inf. Boroevic von Bojna (Küstenland)
XVI. Korps, Feldz.
  XVIII. div., Genmj. Novak von Arienti

Orders of Battle:  Isonzo Front, March 1916

V. Armee, Gen. d. Inf. Boroevic von Bojna
I. det., XVI. Korps, Feldz.
  LXII. inf. div., Genmj. Novak von Arienti

Orders of Battle:  Isonzo Front, August 1916

V. Armee, Generaloberst Boroevic von Bojna
XVI. Korps, Feldz.
  LXII. inf. div., Feldmlt. von Arienti
Novak exactly like in the first photo, except he's sporting a field cap.  Even his medal is in the same interesting position.