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Blasius Schemua
Blasius Schemua was born on 2 January 1856, at Klagenfurt in Carinthia. General Franz Conrad was dismissed as Chief of the General Staff in 1911 after a final disagreement with Kaiser Franz Josef over a possible war with Italy.  He was replaced by Blasius Schemua, but only for a short period.  The onset of the Balkan Wars in late 1912 caused the Kaiser to reappoint Conrad at Archduke Franz Ferdinand's insistence. 

J.H. Verdun's timeline summarizes his military career:

graduated from Maria Theresa Military Academy, lieutenant in 7 Inf Regiment
member of Austrian mission to Persia (duties not explained)
at Franz Josef Military Academy in Vienna
captain at the General Staff
taught at Maria Theresa Military Academy (courses not specified)
Cdr 66 Inf regiment
major general, Cdr LV. Inf Brigade
Cdr XVIII. Inf Div
Section Chief at War Ministry (doesn't say which section)
replaced Conrad as Chief of Staff briefly
FML, Cdr XVI. Corps in Ragusa
Cdr II. Corps
March 1915

FML Blasius Schemua went from chief of the general staff down to commander of the XVI. Corps in December 1912, replacing GdI
Lothar Edler von Hortstein. Schemua fulfilled his duty and remained in command of this Corps until February 1914, when he was succeeded by FML Wenzel Wurm. FZM Schemua replaced GdI Alfred Ritter von Ziegler as commander of the II. Corps in April 1914, but he held this position only until September of that year.  He was replaced by FML Johann Freiherr von Kirchbach. Blasius Schemua died on 21 November 1920 in Klagenfurt.

GWS, 11/01 [rev. 11/04]
Orders of Battle:  Polish Front, August 1914
IV. Armee, Gen. d. Inf. Moritz Ritter von Auffenberg
II. Korps, Gen. d. Inf. Schemua
  IV. inf. div., Feldmlt.
Stöger-Steiner von Steinstätten
  XXV. inf. div., Feldmlt.
Erzherzog Peter Ferdinand
  XIII. Schützen div., Feldmlt. von Kreysa