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Alfred von Waldstätten
Obst Alfred Freiherr von Waldstätten became the chief of staff for the XX. Corps upon its founding in March 1916.  His superior was the Archduke Karl. In July 1916, he left this position and his place was taken over by Obst Karl Günste.  Alfred von Waldstätten was tapped by German General von Seeckt to be Chief of Staff to Archduke Karl and the newly formed XII. Army.  However, the men and resources for this army were being poured into the mostly destroyed I. and IV. Armies thanks to the massive Brussilov Offensive in June.  Therefore, Waldstätten was out of a job before he even began.  Nevertheless, as Generalmajor he soon found his place on the General Staff at the supreme command in Teschen.  He was made chief of the Operations Section of the General Staff, and spent much time in weighing the fighting strength of the k.u.k. Armies.  His reports are quite stark in their frankness.

GWS, 7/01
Orders of Battle:  Tirol Offensive, 15 May 1916
Immediately preceding the offensive against Italy
Army Group Archduke Eugen, GO Archduke Eugen
     Chief of Staff, Feldmlt.
Alfred Krauss
XI. Army, GO
Viktor Dankl
     XX. Korps, Feldmlt.
Archduke Karl Franz Josef
          Chief of Staff, Obst. Alfred Frh. v. Waldstätten
          3. Inf. Div., Feldmlt. Edler v. Horsetzky
          8. Inf. Div., Feldmlt. Fabini
               58. Mtn. Brig., Obst. v. Merten
               180. Inf. Brig., Feldmlt.
Edler v.Verdross