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Wenzel Freiherr
von Wurm
Wenzel Wurm was born in Karolinenthal in Bohemia on 27 February 1859.  He studied for a military career, following in his father's footsteps.  Obst Wenzel Wurm was appointed to be chief of staff for the V. Corps in April 1900, replacing Obst Karl Schikofski.  Wurm maintained this appointment until October 1906, when he was succeeded by Obst Ludwig Fabini.  Then, FZM Wurm was elevated to command the XVI. Corps in place of FZM Blasius Schemua in February 1914.  This position he kept for more than three years, until he was succeeded by GdI Rudolf Kralicek in March 1917.

Wenzel von Wurm had the pleasure of seeing the whole of WWI from beginning to end.  He started ranked as a Feldzeugmeister, but after only two years on the Isonzo Front, he was elevated to the rank of Generaloberst.  When General
Boroevic took command of Army Front Boroevic on 23 August 1917 and left the Isonzo Army, it was broken into the I. and II. Isonzo Armies.  General Henriquez was appointed to the II. Isonzo Army, while General Wurm took command of the I. Isonzo Army.  This remained until 6 January 1918, when the two forces were reunified into the Isonzo Army, with General Wurm in command.  This lasted until the end of war, with the national units of the Isonzo Army deserting en masse to catch the trains home to their respective countries as the Empire collapsed.

GWS, 1/01

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Orders of Battle:  Bosnian Front, August 1914
Immediately preceding the first invasion of Serbia

Armee, FZM Oskar Potiorek
     16. Korps, FZM Wenzel v. Wurm
         18. inf .div., FML
Ignaz Trollmann

Orders of Battle:  Serbian Front, Mid-September 1914
Immediately following the Second invasion of Serbia
Southern Front, FZM Oskar Potiorek, Commander
6. Armee, FZM Potiorek
     XVI. Korps, FZM Wenzel v. Wurm
        Chief of staff, Obst Paul v. Loefen
             1. inf .div., FML Stefan Bogat v. Kostanjevic
                    9 geb. brig., Obst Josef Hrozny
                    5. geb. brig., Obst Maximilian Nöhring
                    4. geb. brig., GM Theodor Konopicky
                    7. geb. brig., GM Otto Sertic
                    6. geb. brig., GM Heinrich Goiginger
                    support, brig. Snjaric, GM
Lukas Snjaric
             18. inf. div., FML
Ignaz Trollmann
                   1. geb. brig., GM
Guido v. Novak
                   13. geb. brig., Obst Anton Graf v. Berchtold
                   2. geb. brig., GM Theodor Gabriel
                   109. Landstürm inf. brig., GM Johann Czeisberger

South of GdI Michael Appel’s XV. Corps, Wurm’s force was ordered to assemble along the upper Drina, beginning where the Bosnian river called the Drinaca meets the Drina.  The sector in which the hundred thousand men of the XVI. Corps operated was only 12 miles wide.  However, the forbidding territory on the other side of the Drina ensured that even a great mass of men such as this would require every ounce of strength and fortitude. 

Potiorek ordered the second invasion on 8 September 1914, two days after the Serbians had made a stunning invasion of the Empire from their northern border.  Such was the initial success of Wurm’s invasion that the Serbians called off their gambit and transferred all forces to meet the new challenge on their western frontier.  Within three days, the XVI. Corps reached the ridge of the Sokolska range, which runs pretty much parallel to the upper Drina.  Against Wurm, the Serbian 3. Army threw part of the 1. Drina div. as well as all of the 2. Morava div., Misic’s div., the 2. Dunav div., the Ljubovija detachment, and units from the Sanjak of Novi-Pazar.  These forces held fast on the Sokolska, and two weeks of heavy fighting across this inhospitable terrain accomplished nothing more.

Reverses against the XIII. And XV. Corps further north caused Potiorek to end this invasion, and on 16 September, he ordered Wurm to pull the XVI. Corps away from the ridges to fortified points further south.  Ljubovija remained under Austrian occupation after this.  In the last week of September, Wurm dispatched several brigades, including that of GM Snjaric, to Herzegovina, where numerous Serbian and Montenegrin units invaded.  Small but fierce engagements were fought all across eastern Herzegovina, but by mid-October, the enemy had been driven from Austrian territory and peace was reëstablished there.

GWS, 9/04
Orders of Battle:  Italian Front, May 1915
Immediately following Italy’s declaration of war against the Empire
Southwestern Front, GO Erzherzog Eugen
V. Army, GdI
Svetozar v.. Boroevic
   XVI. Korps, FZM Wenzel Wurm
   Chief of Staff, Oberst v. Loefen
       58. inf. div., GM
Erwin Zeidler
                   4. mtn. brig., GM Konopicky
                   5. mtn. brig., GM Nöhring
                   58. field art. brig., Obstlt. Nadherny
       18. inf. div., GM Eduard Böltz
                   1. mtn. brig., GM
Novak v. Arienti
                   13. mtn. brig., GM Anton Gf. Berchtold
                   18. field art. brig., Oberst Secullic
        48. inf. div., FML Gabriel
                   11. mtn. brig., GM Lawrowski
                   12. mtn. brig., Oberst
Felix Prinz zu Schwarzenberg
Orders of Battle:  Isonzo Front, October 1915
Immediately preceding the final invasion of Serbia

V. Armee, GdI Boroevic von Bojna (Küstenland)
     XVI. Korps, FZM Wenzel v. Wurm
          XVIII. div., GM
Novak von Arienti
          LVIII. inf. div., GM
Orders of Battle:  Isonzo Front, March 1916
Immediately preceding the Tirol Offensive
Erzherzog Eugen Front, Erzherzog Eugen
V. Armee, GdI
Boroevic von Bojna
     XVI. Korps, FZM Wenzel v. Wurm
          LXII. inf. div., GM
Novak von Arienti
          LVIII. inf. div., GM
Orders of Battle:  Isonzo Front, August 1916
Immediately preceding Roumania's declaration of war against Austria-Hungary
Erzherzog Eugen Front, Erzherzog Eugen
V. Armee, GO
Boroevic von Bojna
     XVI. Korps, FZM Wenzel v. Wurm
          LXII. inf. div., FML
Novak von Arienti
          LVIII. inf. div., GM
Orders of Battle:  Isonzo Front, November 1917
Immediately preceding the Caporetto Offensive
Boroevic Armee Group, GO Boroevic von Bojna
I. Isonzo Armee, GO von Wurm
          CVI. Landsturm inf. div., GM
Karl Kratky
          LVIII. inf. div., FML
Erwin v. Zeidler
          LXIII. inf. div., GM von Soretic
          XIV. inf. div., GM von Szende
          Fiume Garnison, FML von Istvanovic
     VII. Korps, FML
von Schariczer
          XLIV. Schützen div., GM Schönauer
          XVII. inf. div., GM von Ströher
          XLVIII. inf. div., FML von Gabriel
     XXIII. Korps, FML
von Csicserics
          XLI. Honved inf. div., FML
          X. Honved inf. div., FML von Gologorski
          XII. inf. div., GM
von Puchalski
          XXI. Schützen res. div., FML Podhajsky
     Reserves: IV. inf. div., FML Pfeffer
          XIII. Schützen div., FML von Kasler
          XXXIII. inf. div., GM Iwanski
Orders of Battle:  Italian Front, June 1918
Immediately preceding the Piave Offensive
Boroevic Armee Group, GO Boroevic von Bojna
Isonzo Army, GO Wenzel v. Wurm
     XVI. Korps, GdI 
          XXXIII. inf. div., FML von Iwanski
          LVIII. inf. div., FML
von Zeidler
          XLVI. Schützen div., FML von Urbanski
     IV. Korps, GdK
Fürst Schönburg-Hartenstein
          LXIV. Honved inf. div.,  FML von Seide
          LXX. Honved inf. div., FML
von Berzeviczy
          XXIX. inf. div., FML von Steiger
     VII. Korps, GdI
von Schariczer
          XIV. inf. div., FML von Szende
          XXIV. inf. div., FML Urbarz
          IX. kav. div., FML von le Gay
          XLIV. Schützen div., FML Schönauer
     XXIII. Korps, GdI
von Csicserics
          XII. inf. div., FML
von Puchalski
          X. inf. div., FML von Gologorski
          I. kav. div., GM von Habermann
     res., LVII. inf. div., FML von Hronzky
Orders of Battle:  Italian Front, October 1918
Immediately preceding the Battle of Vittorio Veneto
Boroevic Armee Group, GO Boroevic von Bojna
Isonzo Army, GO von Wurm
          XXIX. inf. div., FML von Berndt
          VII. inf. div., FML Baumgartner von Wallbruck
     IV. Korps, FZM
Tamasy von Fogaras
          LXIV. Honved inf. div., FML Seide
          LXX. Honved inf. div., GM
Berezeviczy von Berezevicze und Kakas-Lomnitz
          VIII. kav. div., GM von Donokal
     VII. Korps, GdI
Schariczer von Reny
          XXXIII. inf. div., FML Iwanski von Iwanina
          XII. inf. div., GdI Waitzendorfer
          XXIV. inf. div., FML Urbarz
     XXIII. Korps, GdI
Csicserics von Bacsany
          XLVI. Schützen div., GM Fischer von Potruzyn
          LVIII. inf. div., GM Wolf von Monte San Michele
     XXII. Korps, GdI Kletter von Gromnik
          XIV. inf. div., FML Szende von Fülekkelecsény
          II. inf. div., FML Jemrich von der Bresche
     Army res., LVII. inf. div., FML Hronzy von Bojemil
          XXVI. Schützen div., FML Podhajsky