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Edmund Ritter
von Zaremba
Edmund Ritter von Zaremba began the war ranked as a Generalmajor  and in command of the 11.Kavalleriebrigade.  He soon found himself commanding the 4. cavalry division in the ill-fated III. Army of General Rudolf Brudermann. His division suffered almost total destruction on the Gnila Lipa in early September 1914.

Edmund von Zaremba's family is an ancient and noble clan of Poland.  Although it was extremely prolific and numerous branches succeeded in losing the noble heritage, the family was well-known as a majour political force in pre-partitioned Poland.  As a result of the partitions, there were Zarembas in the armies of Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia during World War I.

GWS, 11/01

Orders of Battle:  Galician Front, August 1914

Immediately preceding the Russian invasion of Galicia
III. Armee,
Gen. d. Kav. Rudolf Ritter von Brudermann
    XIV. Korps, Gen. der Infanterrie
Erzherzog Josef Ferdinand
       Support:  IV. kav. div., Genmj. von Zaremba