unofficial esplanade info page

~~esplanade - theatres on the bay ~~
This is the new performing arts centre in Singapore. It is nicknamed Durian due to the design of the outer cladding of it's twin domes. The "spikes" are acctually sun shades to prevent the Concert hall and Theatre inside from heating up under the hot sun.
A durian is a spikey round fruit that stinks but is very nice to eat (only to some people.)

What the (insert word of choice) is e-totb?
my invention.(no stealing!). Esplanade -- Theatres on the Bay -- look at the letters in bold. they say e-totb. whahahahahahaha....

~~ Stuff you can find in the Esplanade ~~

* library@esplanade -- Singapore's first performing arts library
* Esplanade Mall -- a mall (DUH!) that's kinda arty-farty...FOOD!!!!
* Theatre -- urrmmm... They didn't call it Esplanade -Theatres on the Bay for nothing... Can you read....??? oh no... I forgot... you can't.. muahahahahahahahahahaha
* Concert Hall -- theatres and concert halls come in a pair.... (My Theory!!!!! Don't stun)
* Waterfront -- it's by the bay (urrmmm...duh...)... Oh ya...That's where you can find free performances.... and more FOOD!!!!!(i am in a food mode)
* Roof Terrance -- the roof of the Esplanade...(kinda duh..) in the at night...nice view....
*Jendela -- some gallery.. name means window in malay ... for visual art.. what did you expect them to put in a gallery
* ands lots and lots of art pieces...some of which I'll never understand....

~~ Things to do at the Esplanade ~~
~ Watch a performance
~ Eat (food, not the art pieces...)
~ Shop
~ pretend to sleep
~ really sleep
~ pak tor (aka dating)
~ Hang out at the library
~ look at art pieces
~be hyper

~~ Espla-NAID vs. Espla-NARD ~~
What's your stand?
Espla-NAID or Espla-NARD?
Espla-NAID is the English pronounciation of Esplanade. In French, it is Espla-NARD.

Let's ask some people for their opinion.(btw, all this "opinions" are made up by me so no offence meant.)
Me: Espla-NARD (DUH!)
Shu Ping: Espla-NAID
The PQ: huh!?!? *runs off to do A-Maths*
some random person who is very ulu(country bumkin-like): huh??? I thought it was called the Singapore Arts Centre (me: *faints*)
The people from Passion 99.5: Well, both pronuciations work and it's ok as long as people get our message. (me: *protests* but it's Espla-NAID mostly on Passion 99.5. your fault I'm saying Espla-NAID more and more. haha.. but I still love Passion 99.5)
The S Gang: DURIAN!!! DUH!!! if not what..!?!?!? (me: *gags self* no comments....)
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