Once upon a time, there lived a widow with two daughters. They lived in a village near the sea where it was breezy and where the air was very fresh. Every time they wanted to have a stroll, they could always walk by the sea.

They all loved each other very much and would never think of leaving each other. Without a man in the family, their mother was the breadwinner of the family.

Every morning, their mother would go and work. She would help the fishermen to sort out their catch and will get paid at the end of the day. Their mother would usually return home during the evening after work.

One evening, the two sisters were waiting for the return of their mother. But after waiting for a long time, there was no sign of their mother. Soon it was mid-night and their mother still had not returned. The sisters got worried and began to panic.

By the next day, there was still no sign of their mother. They both woke up earlier than usual to look for their mother. They went by the sea and asked the fishermen if they knew where their mother was. All of them said that they had not seen their mother since the day before. Although nobody had seen their mother, the two sisters did not give up and still continued to search high and low for their mother. Just then, they came across an old wise man.

The old man had white hair and was very thin. He was kind and gentle. He told them that he had seen their mother going out to sea with one of the fishermen, and that the fisherman had not returned too. Upon hearing that, the sisters were shocked and worried.

Every morning, the sisters would go down to the seaside to wait for their mother’s return. But she never returned. And the sisters would weep their hearts out.

As time passed, everyone forgot about the sisters and did not know what happened to them. But on the seashore, there stood two smooth and round rocks side by side.

According to legend, the two rocks were the two weeping sisters waiting for their mother’s return. Sometimes during the night, the villagers could hear weeping sounds amidst the sound of the sea waves. And according to some villagers, they could even see “tears” dripping down the sides of the two rocks.

The moral of the legend is the intense love and filial piety of the two daughters.

comments: This story was written by my sister for a school assignment. nice, right?