Sharing their past

Saavedro looked in awe and amazement as the outer ice shield was lowered. He could finally go home! The glide ship was there waiting, all he had to do was to step in and he would be on his way home.

A clattering on the steps from the upper level caught his attention. The girl who had lowered the shield was coming down. Saavedro took a good look at her. For the first time since he had saw her in Tomanha, he felt a strange sense of respect for her. She had freed him from his exile and given him back his life.

"Wait, don't go." The girl's voice carried across the room. Saavedro stoped in his tracks, he had been walking to the glide ship, this was first time in so many years that he had heard the voice of another person.

"Here, take your journal. I have been keeping it with me since I saw it in J'nanin. I was using it to help me solve the Lesson Ages. I am sorry for having read your inner-most thoughts. Please forgive me." The girl spoke as she stuck her hand through the vines to pass Saavedro his journal.

"No, keep it. I do not wish to be reminded of my misery a moment longer. I also cannot find it in my heart to hold anger against you dispite you having read my journal. You have given me back my life and I thank you for that." Saavedro said, a rare smile on his lips.

Having said that, Saavedro turned and walked out to the glide-ship. He was just about to step in when a thought crossed his mind.

"Who will you return to when all this is over?" Saavedro asked the girl.

"Atrus and Catherine. They have accepeted me as part of their family. My family died in a fire." The girl replied in an emotionless tone. Saavedro guessed that she was hiding her emotions.

"Do not hide your feelings. If you wish to talk, I am willing to listen." Saavedro said. The girl nodded.

They sat there for a long time. Saavedro on the outer side of the vine, the girl on the inner. They shared their pented-up emotions with one another. Saavedro told of his anger against Sirrus and Achenar while the girl told of her grief in the days that followed her family's death.

"It is time for you to go. I do not wish to keep you from your family any longer." the girl said when they had spoken for a long time. Saavedro nodded. He walked out to the glide-ship while the girl headed for the upper level. They exchanged goodbyes and the girl watch till the glide-ship dissapeared into the mist.

comments: a very short story I wote late at nite. All things Myst 3 :Exile belongs to CyanWorlds, Presto and UbiSoft. I only own the plot and the girl.