Surviving the Titanic disaster

“There are no more lifeboats!” Kay gasped her face red from running. I was shocked – the lifeboats, our only chance of survival on a sinking ship were all gone. We now had only two choices, stay onboard and die or jump into the sea. I opted for the latter.

“I’m jumping off the ship and if you have any sense, you’ll follow me.” I told my friends. They protested but I was determined to jump. After all, my family had slaved for eight years to earn enough money for a third-class passage to America. I was not going to put all that hard work to waste but drowning out here.

I walked to the rail and steeled myself. The distance from the deck to the ocean surface was at least 20 meters. My swimming skills were not first-rate , but I pushed all my worries aside. A lifeboat was floating not more than 30 meters away from the ship. I could only hope that I could make it.

Saying a silent prayer, I pushed myself off the rail. Less than a second later, I hit the icy cold ocean. The impact sent me some distance below the surface and I swam to the surface. The lifeboat - my target was some distance away. I half trashed, half swam towards it. A pair of hands pulled me onboard. Tired out by my ordeal, I promptly fell asleep in the lifeboat.

It was only weeks later when I found out the full story. I had survived the sinking of the Titanic. The ship had hit an iceberg and was mortally wounded. Many had died in the sinking. All the claims of the ship being unsinkable sunk, just like the Titanic. The Carpathia had answered the distress call and rescued us.

comments: a crappy story i wrote a long,long time ago. haha