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The Reuban Trek
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Jason Robert Maze Story
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The building in which Calamos had his office was very elaborate. It was designed after the early Greek  Arhitecture on Earth. As he sat in his office looking around he should have been pleased. But recently things hadn't been going well. He'd still not heard from John Bolding. He was so deep in thought that he didn't see the visitors standing in the doorway. With a shock he looked up and saw a man and standing beside him was an enormous wolf.
"Where the devil is the guard?" Calamos thought irritably.
He stood up at once as the man in the doorway walked in. Calamos drew in his breath. He noticed the man's eyes first. They were very dark brown and intense. His short cropped hair was deep brown, almost black. But as he drew closer Calamos could see auburn lights shining in the man's hair. The man was as tall as Calamos or taller and a little heavier. He was attired in a navy blue uniform with gold braid. Which Calamos recognized at once as the uniform of the Space Center. The wolf was as magnificent as he'd heard. He had a gray coat that shone like silver and incredible amber eyes that seemed to see into one's soul. Calamos felt a twinge of fear as the man walked nearer his desk. But he quickly composed himself. Not many men were able to cause him to feel such apprehension.
"Joel Tomson, I presume." He said coldly as the man stopped at his desk--  Caladeran Chronicles will be out in the near future.The Caladeran Chronicles is now being published by Lulu.com
Jason Robert Maze Story
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