Tales Of The Old West
My name is Larry Thompson. I've written a western novel called, Stalker's Moon.I hope you enjoy reading it. You can find the book on lulu.com
Preview of book:
After he has a bitter argument with his father, Art Doobie and his wife, Fredia sell their home, their part in a wagon-carriage business and move to Wichita, Kansas. They board a ferry on the Mississippi River but the ferry is wrecked by a floating tree and the two are separated. Fredia is rescued, but Art is left clinging to the tree that caused the wreck. Later they are reunited. But they soon learn the move to Wichita turns out to be much more dangerous than they realized. Soon, chaotic events are set in motion when their dreams are threatened by a malevolent stalker who is determined to cause Fredia bodily harm. And the encounter with a cocky, wild cowboy that's thirsty for a gunfight with Art.
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Name: Larry Thompson
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