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September 14, 2005

I'm tired but just for you I've decided to name all of the first names I can think of that start with the letter P.

Petunia Phyllis Portia Pippin Pablo Pedro Philip Pancho Pavel Porgy Ping Peter Paul Pollyanna Polonius Piter Pettra Pearl Pierce Pamela Patrick Penny Prancer Pinchas Pyramus Persephone Pluto Perseus Parmenides Plato Plutarch Pericles Parker Piper Philomel

Yes you could point out the many variations and female/male equivalents of these names and even show me where I've done the same but
give me something more or I'll never forgive you.

Also, this made me cry. It's from Peter's dad's webpage o'ministry. Frivolity no more.

Lately, I have noticed that God has been changing me slowly but surely.  Until lately, I have been only thinking of myself and praying for only myself, but little by little, I have begun to think of others and I have begun to have the desire to pray for others also.  I do not consider myself a smart person, but I praise God for that also.  If I were a smart person who was more competent, I think I might have become proud, relying on my own strengths instead of on God.  Whenever I have any problems, I am making it a habit to first pray about it.  When times get difficult and I get depressed, I look to Him and praise Him.  Then strangely, the situation doesn't seem as bad.  It is as if God is telling me, fear not, for I am with you.  It is a very comforting experience.

Osaka E. W.

Oh and one more thing. Annie, this woman I met on the bus, forwarded me a joke.

Q: What is George W. Bush's position on Roe vs. Wade?

A: He really doesn't care how people get out of New Orleans

That almost beat out my favorite joke last week. The one about Jesus and the m&ms.

I realized today that I have met a lot of people on the bus. There's Orlando, who is a bus driver and so I got to know him going home from work. He is trying to learn Russian and his girlfriend is from Boise. Then there's Annie, who used to ride the bus in the mornings on her way to a job she later got fired from but who then got another job, with a chiropracter who changed her life. Then there's Seferino, who hails from LA and who bought his daughter a car for graduation and hasn't seen her since, and who very kindly offered a cigarette to Bird, who usually rolls her own, knows a lot about construction and is very friendly and quick to shake hands. I think the bus helps people trust each other. Except I gave Seferino and Bird the name I used to wish I had gotten, Rachel, and it was surprisingly easy to answer to.