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Chris Belcher
I am the artist, designer, producer, guru, grunt, etc... behind PsycoKitty. 3D graphics and Web design are a hobby of mine, maybe one day a career. I live in the foothills of East Tennesse and would love to envite everyone to see this beautifull country side.
K.D. Loy
K. D. Loy
K. D. Loy is an unsigned, but published Poet living in East Tennesse.You can find more of her work at Elfwood. Her personal site currently in the works and will be up soon enough.

H a r d w a r e    a n d    S o f t w a r e
Beleive it or not everything here has been done on a budget system. The computer is an
AST Advantage 824 P133
Creative's Graphic Blaster 4Meg Video
2Gig HD
Mustek 600 II EP scanner

On the software side things are a little better. All web graphics are atleast touched by Photoshop 5. Most of the gallery images were made with Bryce 2 (looking at upgrading to Bryce 4 in a few weeks) with a little help from Truespace 2 and S-patch.

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Psycokitty was designed to be veiwed at a resolution of 800x600 with 32bit (true) color.
All images, text and html design unless otherwise noted are copyright © 1998, 1999 Chris Belcher.
The poetry in the poetry section is copyright © 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 by K.D.Loy
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