When Knights Faught
I once dreampt of a far away place;
Off where the King would sit at the Round Table;
When Knights faught dragons.

A fair maden would cry in worry for her love;
The Dark Knight;
For he is off fighting the deamon of the sky.

A tail has been heard;
About a Black Terror,
So big & swift with jaws of death.
Wings so bold & strong;
Carry this creature forth.

This deamon breaths of fire so hot & bright;
While searching through the sky;
Watching below.

The Dark Knight tracks this terror with wings;
Wondering when it will end.
For days he has followed;
In need of rest.

Suddenly the dragon appears;
With blood in his eyes,
Watching the Dark Knight;
He sores above.

With wings so great;
The Black Dragon swoops down.
Closer & closer to the Dark Knight;
With the thought of a meal.

The Dark Knight pulls out his siver sword;
Ready to fight Hell's deamon.

The sound of the sword striking the terror;
Echoed through the land.
The roar of the deamon shattered my ears.

The fair maiden still waits for her love;
The Dark Knight has not yet returned.
Copyrite, VervainIris '01