My Letter To The World
    Those of this world who are rich, popular, in the  "in crowd" & think they're better than all, before you judge another, look at yourself long & hard.  You are those who make life confusing, lonely, & even hated.  You walk around thinking that those who aren't exactly like you are too different to be accepted.  Your characteristics are truely low & it is incredible how you can devour those unlike you without thinking twice. 
          You know who you are.

     To those of thie world who are considered dorks, & wish to be like the rich, wish not to be like them.  You will be those to suceed in life without needing to bribe or make others hurt.  You will be the brains of this world later.  Be proud of yourselves & your smarts.

     To those of this world who are the imitators, the followers, be not afraid tohave your own identity.  Show the world who you really are.  Stop hiding behind that attitude, the certain style & face!  Be your own person, but don't be too proud.  If that should happen, you become one who thinks they are themselves, but better.  Nobody likes a person like that.  I am speaking from experiance.  My best friens changed & is now only being tolerated.  So dare  to tell this world that you are an individual & you are the only you. 

     To those of this world who are as lost as I, not knowing what to say & to whom, not understanding why people are the way they are, dreaming of imaginary worlds just to get away.  Those like myself who analyze everything, who try to get an answer for it all, who realize that life is fragile & not permanent, who are considered outsiders, loners & freaks.  You are the ones of this world who are original.  You make life fun, interesting & desireable.  You know & see the truth & lies, you see all around you & can tell we are all different yet all alike.  You are the artistic, the original, the dream seekers & the wonderers.  Your minds never stop to think about someones' appearance, you accept all unless they don't accept you.  You stand up to what you believe, or are solitary, writing what you feel.  Stay the way you are!  Be  proud of yourselves & be unchangeable.  Be anonymous no longer.  You are equal to all, yet they are not caught up to knowing that all is equal.  Live the rest of your lives knowing, seeing, being & seeking what you have.  Be proud, & wait patiently, as you have, for the others to catch up.

     To all of this world, understanding the meaning of life, and your true purpose is an achievement yet accomplished.  All need to apologize for things they have done throughout their being here.  All are dissatisfied with something & wish that things would change.  To all of this world, just look around & see.
copyrite, vervainiris '01