Over there is an artist;
One who is short,
But forward.
Her name is "Sraphm";
An Angel,
But poisonous.
She has her problems,
Some worse than others.
And her kin...
Well they're not perfect,
But she is my friend.

Across from me?
A chick who is "glittery",
But serious.
She smiles a lot;
But she's not always happy.
Just as "Sraphm";
Her kin isn't the best either.
No matter what,
This perky blonde;
Who is herself,
Always pulls through.
And just as "Sraphm",
She is my friend.

I on the on other hand,
Am a poetic,
Giant who stands above most,
But am one of the ants.
I feel I am always;
In a different dimension.
Half-way content with everything;
But annoyed by lots.
My kin never get along.
Just as my friends';
My kin isn't perfect.
They're not even close!
As I, "The Giant",
Closes this poem,
I leave you with these words for thought.
"Sraphm", "Tigger" & I;
Are very different,
But very similar.
That is what makes us,
Close enough to be...
Copyrite, VervainIris '01