I Don't Belong Here
I have put everything last,
For a friend of mine,
A family member,
& a brother.
Yet I am still unknown.

Nothing I want is important.
I am ignored.
I am put the last.

One year has gone by.
& now another;
Still no friends in my town.

Everyone goes places;
With their friends.
I am stuck alone;
In my own world.

In my world everything is dark.
The sky is a midnight blue;
With an uneasy redness.

It's cold & windy.
A breexe can send a chill;
Up your spin & through your body.

Frightful screams give a messege;
Of fear running through your mind,
Without even thinking;
Of happy thoughts.

In my world happy thoughts don't exists.
Only the blackness of evil,
Is known to man.

I am Queen of Darkness!
My feelings are as black as;
Black itself.
Darker than the darkest black!

I exsist in my world;
But only in the dark.
Yet I live in this world;
I don't belong here.
Copyrite, Vervainiris, '01