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An exclusive look at the band on tour during the 1993-1994 tours of Europe and the United States.  1994 saw the Verve on the Lollapalooza Tour across the USA.  They ended the touring season with dates in the United Kingdom.  Among the fans, this was "the era."  Pure rock'n'roll straight out of Wigan.  It is impressing how the band could be so devastatingly loud at one moment, and so quiet and sensitive the next.  John Leckie affirms, "at points you could hear a pin drop - and then it would just explode."  A rollercoaster tour for the band became a hugely satisfying time for the fans.


King Tut's Wah-wah Hut
May 22, 1993
Glasgow, UK

The Whisky A Go Go
July 7, 1993
Los Angeles, CA, US

Anshe Slonim Synagogue
July 15, 1993
New York, NY, US

Pukkelpop Festival
August 28, 1993
Hasselt, BE

Tor 3
Dusseldorf, GE
August 29, 1993
9:30 Club 1993
9:30 Club
Washington, DC, US
October 20, 1993

The Trocadero
Philadelphia, PA, US
October 21, 1993

The Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO, US
November 14, 1993

The Town Pump
Vancouver, BC, US
November 18, 1993

The RockCandy
Seattle, WA, US
November 19, 1993

The Cattle Club
Sacramenton, CA, US
November 23, 1993

The Cathouse
Glasgow, UK
December 10, 1993

The Waterfront
Norwich, UK
December 15, 1993

The Leadmill
Sheffield, UK
December 18, 1993

The Arena
Amsterdam, NE
February 18, 1994

Passage Du Nord-Ouest
Paris, FR
February 21, 1994

Frankfurt, GE
February 25, 1994

The Silverbowl
Las Vegas, NV, US
July 7, 1994

Sandstone Amphitheatre
Bonner Springs, KS, US
July 11, 1994

Marcus Amphitheatre
Milwaukee, WI, US
July 14, 1994

The World Music Theatre
Tinley Park, IL, US
July 16, 1994

Polaris Amphitheatre
Columbus, OH, US
July 19, 1994

Pine Knob Amphitheatre
Clarkston, Detroit, MI, US
July 23, 1994

Le Parc Des Iles
Montreal, Que, CA
July 27, 1994

Starlake Amphitheatre
Pittsburgh, PA, US
July 30, 1994

Saratoga Raceway
Saratoga, NY, US
August 2, 1994

Reading Festival
Reading, UK
August 26, 1994
A Storm in Heaven - June 1993
Released June 1993


15-July-1993 - Anshe Slonim Synagogue - New York, NY, UUS
"The Synagogue had seen more glorious days; the ceiling was badly in need of a new paint job and the mosaic stained-glass windows lokked dark with accumulated soot. But Verve were practically born to swim in the main hall's luxuriant echo-soup. Unfortunately tonight Verve were playing for the know-it-alls; this was an invit- only affair for hacks, flaks and guest-list regulars. Half the crowd drifted outside before the set's end. More their loss. "Slide Away", "Already There" and "The Sun The Sea" comprised a sumptuous, uplifting noise, a transportive throb-fest that dispelled any lingering whiff of transatlantic shoegazer hype." - MELODY MAKER

15-Dec-1993 - The Waterfront - Norwich, UK
"With Verve, it's always been about inspiration. Never one's to set themselves shabbily realistic goals, they've always gone after the big attainable ones - and it's that attitude that sets Richard Ashcroft and co. high on a vertiginous perch from which they can either tumble or soar." - THE EVENT

07-Jul-1994 - The Silverbowl - Las Vegas, NV, US
".The Verve's hypnotic sound drifts out over the barren landscape and after the
show I talk to some of the audience, one of whom responds with Butt-head style
confusion, 'those guys were, like, wearing cords?'" - LOADED

"The Verve are playing in what is essentially a car park outside the main stadium, but are still mamaging to attract and hold an impressively large crowd. 'Although I'm let down by the size of the Second Stage and the actual importance that it's given, the feeling of discovering a band in a small atmosphere stays with you for life. You don't feel like the band's being forced upon you or sold like a burger, you feel as if you've stumbled upon something and discovered it for yourself.' - RICHARD in VOX magazine

11-Jul-1994 - Sandstone Amphitheatre - Bonner Springs,, KS, US
Pete is arrested following the trashing of a room in the West Inn Crown Centre Hotel, Kansas City. Apparently he causes $450 worth of damage. The following day, Richard collapses from dehydration after a mammoth bout of drinking.

26-Aug-1994 - Reading Festival - Reading, UK
"The Verve still strafed and bewitching in spite of a terrible mix." - NME

"Mad Richard stalks the stage like a preying mantis high on Anandin when he might have
had a speed/acid collision and really learnt how to fly." - MELODY MAKER



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