the verve: A Requiem of the Past


present, and future projects of The Verve


Richard Ashcroft

Richard has been most productive having released three solo albums.

Richard Ashcroft : : Alone With Everybody

Alone With Everybody

Human Conditions

Human Conditions

26 June 2000, Hut Records 2 October 2002, Hut Records
#1 UK album charts #3 UK album charts

Keys to the World

23 January 2006, Parlophone Records
#2 UK album charts


Peter Salisbury

Peter continues to play drums for Richard and has appeared on all three solo albums.

Peter has played drums with various bands following the demise of The Verve including the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. He also runs and owns a drum shop, 'Drummin', in Stockport, England


Nick McCabe

Nick McCabe

Nick McCabe isn't pursuing anything musical on his own but he does pop up here and there working with other artists on various projects.  For more detailed information, please visit the Nick McCabe website.


Simon Tong

From 2002 to 2003, Tong joined the The Shining along with ex-Verve member Simon Jones.  Their debut CD True Skies was produced by Youth.  Rolling Stone magazine described it as "a transporting mix of hard rock and psychedelia, like Led Zeppelin cavorting with Oasis."

On 10 February 2003, Tong joined the band Blur as a live guitarist.  A source close to the band emphasized that he was not replacing departed guitarist Graham Coxon as a full-time band member.  Tong's association with Blur frontman, Damon Albarn, has continued since. 

Tong is also credited for providing additional (most) guitar-work on a number of tracks on the Gorillaz 2005 album Demon Days.

 The Shining: True Skies, Jan 07, 2003

Simon Jones
Joined the The Shining along with ex-Verve member Simon Tong.  Since 2004, Jones has been an official member of the band around singer Cathy Davey.