The Patera Files

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Location: Patera, Far Side. West of Rajahstan.

Area: Approximately 262,000 sq.mi.

Population: 300,000 Pachydermions.

Language: Komporan.

Coinage: ?

Technology Level: Iron Age, Steel forged.

Government Type: Hagiarchy (rule by Holy Men)

Industries: Agriculture, crafts (stonework).

Description: The land of Kompor-Thap consists of high, mountainous terrain surrounding a lush jungle valley. Its inhabitants are a race of elephant-like humanoid creatures known as Pachydermions. The Pachydermions live a largely spiritual existence, and maintain peaceful relations with their Rajahstani neighbors to the west. Their valley is filled with many large and elaborately carved stone temples and buildings, which have led outsiders to term Kompor-Thap as 'the Land of One Thousand Hidden Temples'.

Notable Sites: The capital city of Pacan (pop. 30,000) is a large, beautiful temple complex.

History: The Pachydermions have long and detailed records of their history on Patera, as well as those of their neighbors. They were the first race to develop agriculture- primarily the domestication of rice- and over time shared this knowledge with the people of the nation now known as Rajahstan. They began building stone structures early in their history, and were the first race on Patera to develop bronze and ironworking technology (they developed this independent of Myoshima- See MYOSHIMA).

Perhaps the milestone in the history of Kompor-Thap was the evolution of a Pachydermion, named Ganetra, to Immortality (c. 2,500 BC- Mystaran calendar). Ganetra then influenced his people to their current belief systems, which greatly impact their daily lives. The first monastery dedicated to Ganetra, Shakya monastery, was founded c. 2,000 BC, near the town of Pacan (founded c. 2,200 BC).

Important Figures: ?

Flora and Fauna: ?




I have envisioned Kompor-Thap as a sort of combination of Myanmar/Cambodia (as Bruce's original inspiration had it), and Tibet. The Pachydermions, with their primary patron Ganetra, represent the "Buddhist" culture of Patera.


As far as that goes, I have a few thoughts:

1) The holy men who 'rule' Kompor-Thap may be White Elephants; a mark of their spirituality. Perhaps this mark will only indicate the overall ruler, though (a Dalai Lama type figure).

2) The belief system of Kompor-Thap: I'm toying with the concept of reincarnation/Nirvana of Buddhism as relating to Immortality; ie, the Pachydermions actively strive to perfect themselves in order to one day achieve what Ganetra has achieved- Immortality. I sort of like the idea of a realm where the concept of Immortality is known and embraced by all, and understood to be an achievable state, and there are members of that community who try to reach that state. Most Pachydermions will be content to just live good lives, but there are those- the clergy types- who dedicate themselves to that goal.