www.gwr.com/~eshum/rpg/sj THE Spelljammer Site to visit if you want to learn something more about fantasy spaceships and galaxies, by Static of the Nightmare Company. Also available to download in this site: Rhyme of the Ancient Spelljammer and Temporum Sphaera, the two demi-official Spelljammer Netbooks so far edited. Look out for the Eternal Wanderer Chronicles too: they're worth reading, by Richard J. Pugh and Eric F. Schetley
www.patriot.net/users/rjpugh/anacostia Hey, this is Richard J. Pugh Website!!! Who's this guy?? Oh, c'mon! The Bard of Wildspace, author of the Rhyme of the Ancient Spelljammer and co-author of the Chronicles of the Eternal Wanderer with Eric F. Schetley! He's the one to talk to if you really want to know more about Spelljammer, so go and visit his site NOW!
www.tsrinc.com TSR Homepage. Contains many things to download, among which some Spelljammer stuff (incredible, isn't it?).
ftp.mpgn.com/Gaming/ADND/Worlds TSR at MPGN. If you wanna download official TSR stuff and other web-products, then this is the site you're looking for! Go to the Worlds directory following the path i've written and search for the TSR Campaign World you love (Spelljammer in this case): there you'll find what you can have free of charge. They've got all the deck plans of the ships of Wildspace and more!
www.satech.net.au/~hoss/rspace.html Another interesting and really well developed site about the fantasy Star Trek (Spelljammer), by Darkstar. It's REALLY worth seeing, i swear you.
www1.tpgi.com.au/users/ibowley/spelljam/index.html A GREAT site mantained by Paul Westermeyer. You can also find a PBEM game about Spelljammer here!
www.lava.net/~toby Toby Mekleburg's Homepage is full of interesting articles and information about our beloved Spelljammer. From one of the most active Sjr Mailing List contributors, a really good site to explore!
www.oocities.org/timessquare/lair/3989 This is Spike's Hammer and it has got a nice section about Spelljammer, filled with new worlds and NPCs. Give it a look, okay?
www.oocities.org/SiliconValley/Peaks/8837/sj.html Overlord's cove for Spelljammers. It provides a lot of information about a crossover between Babylon 5 and Spelljammer: ships statistics, adventure hooks, description of the sphere and much more!
www.oocities.org/NapaValley/5460 Another Spelljammer site (just click on "Spelljammer" in the main index). Not full of stuff as the previous ones, but contains interesting information about Psionic Helms