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Arrivals at Port Phillip 1839-48, before Victoria was divided from New South Wales

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Connor, Susannah and Zoe

Family 1953

R E S U M E - Elizabeth Janson nee Atkinson

Qualifications :

Matriculation -- 1955
Trained Secondary Teacher's Certificate -- 1958
Diploma Home Economics -- 1966
Max wed Elizabeth Anglican ThL - 6 subjects -- December, 1968
Married Max Janson 1970
Penny 1972 Nigel 1974 and Barrie 1975
Took family to Reading, UK - all five went to 'school'
Postgraduate Diploma -- Reading University, UK
Guidance and Counselling in Education -- 1979
Returned to UK, Gloucester this time -- 1987
Associate Diploma of Business (Accounting) -- 1996
Tetbury handwriting 1720 Cert IV in Information Technology -- 1997
Back to Gloucester -- 1998, 2000 and 2003
Diploma Software Development (Programming) -- 1998
Refresher course in Australian Taxation Law -- yearly to 2007
Editor for History book on Parish of St Margaret's Mildura, 2002
Tourist weekly travel report on our vist to UK in 2003
Cousin Bertil in Sweden Web sites for Gloucestershire's Forest Edge group of Anglican churches


To keep a positive outlook.
Life hightlight - son Barrie invited to Athens Olympics of the Arts, won Poetry Award.


Barrie in Athens 'Life begins at 60', getting ready
I was enrolled at Sunraysia TAFE for 1995 - 8
spaFor the first two years I studied Accounting, using appropriate software
spaThen I found Information Technology - computers,
spaprogramming and an interest in the Internet
spaI am continuing to study Web page design.
Tetbury Religious Affiliations Census grew into my first big web site


Family History - member of local Genealogical Club
St Margaret of Scotland
Anglicanism - member of local church
Member Guide Association of Australia.


I am an approved Volunteer with the Australian Taxation Dept
spa I am authorised to help low income people with their tax returns.
I have also built a web site for our Northern Mallee Parish
spa with histories of each member church
Visiting Metz, Milan and Geneva
I am a keen Family History recorder,
spa with web sites reflecting my areas of interest
as shown in this site on our church at Mildura named St Margaret of Scotland


Grandma to Connor 10 Dec 2003, Susannah 9 Nov 2005 and Zoe 21 Oct 2007

Please Email me.
Began 1st Nov, 1998.
Pioneers Web Address is